Security Deposit Return Letter

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The Tenant(s)

The Tenant(s) that are to be receiving their Security Deposit.

New Mailing Address

This is the address where the funds will be sent.

The Landlord

The Property

This is the mailing address to the property that was rented by the Tenant(s).

Security Deposit

This is the amount that was originally deposited at the start of the lease agreement.
If the Security Deposit was collecting interest to the benefit of the Landlord, check "No"
This is just the amount of interest


If there were repairs needed, if the Tenant(s) did not pay their last month of rent, or if there are any other outstanding balances by the Tenant(s).

Total Security Deposit Amount

This is the amount after adding any interest and subtracting and deductions to the amount.

Date of this Letter

Signature Page

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