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Decline Job Offer Letter Template – Sample

Updated August 22, 2023

A decline job offer letter is a form used by an individual to decline a job offer. Providing a letter creates a paper trail that will ensure there is no confusion or dispute regarding the situation.

What to Include

  • Name of the employer;
  • Position offered;
  • Reason for rejection;
  • Provide appreciation for the offer; and
  • Should be diplomatic in the for future references.

How to Decline a Job Offer (3 steps)

  1. Show Appreciation for the Offer
  2. Explain Reasons for Declining
  3. Respond in a Timely Manner

1. Show Appreciation for the Offer

Individuals declining a job offer should provide gratitude for the position that was offered and time spent on the process. The individual should write in a tone that emphasizes that they may be open to working in the enterprise at a later time.

2. Explain Reasons for Declining

The letter should be provide details of why the position is being declined, i.e., commuting distance, requires relocation, expectations of salary not met, conflict over proposed start date, individual has acquired a different position.

3. Respond in a Timely Manner

A Decline Job Offer letter should be sent immediately upon an individual making the decision. This will help maintain a partnership and respect with the employer because they are in need of filling the position, and this would be considered courteous. Not providing a decision quickly can be damaging to the employer as they may pass on other candidates due to the pending job offer that has been extended.

Sample Decline Job Offer Letter

Nov. 22, 2022Rick Jones
Hiring Manager

XYX Enterprise
123 Street Way
Los Angeles, CA 90212

Dear Mr. Smith,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for extending me an offer for the Business Analyst Position within XYX Enterprise.

After careful thought and consideration for the role, salary, responsibilities, and the company; I have come to the decision to decline the job offer presented to me. Your company has a bright future ahead; however, I have accepted another position that is within a more commutable distance from my home.

I appreciate taking the time to have met with you and all interviewers. I am truly grateful to have received this opportunity to join your team, and thank you for your time and support throughout this process.


Jenny Jake