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Job Promotion Letter of Intent Template

Job Promotion Letter of Intent Template

Updated August 24, 2023

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A job promotion letter of intent, or “promotion request letter,” is a document in which an individual asks their employer to promote them to a higher position or job title within their organization.

In the letter, the employee must clearly state the promotion they are asking for and support their case with examples of how the promotion will benefit the employer. For instance, if the employee is capable of taking on additional responsibilities, their promotion may increase the organization’s efficiency and productivity.

What is a Job Promotion?

A job promotion is when an employee is awarded a superior job position or title, usually with an increased salary. A job promotion often occurs following an employee’s long tenure with their employer, their outstanding performance, or the opening of a higher job position within the organization. Promotions are either awarded to employees on the employer’s initiative or given in response to the employee’s request.

How to Ask for a Promotion (4 steps)

  1. Know When to Ask
  2. Do Research on Your Worth
  3. Write a Job Promotion Letter of Intent
  4. Set up a Meeting with Your Boss

Asking for a promotion is not the easiest thing to do for most people. It often involves proving their worth as an employee and stating the reasons why they deserve or have earned the right to be promoted. By following the steps below, individuals can approach the request for a job promotion in a respectful and considerate manner.

1. Know When to Ask

The timing of a promotion request is essential to making sure that your request will be sympathetically received. Before sending your boss a request for promotion, the following three (3) things can help improve your chances of success:

  1. Wait for a position to open within the organization;
  2. Wait until you have spent a sufficient amount of time within the organization and made significant connections with colleagues;
  3. Send your request in anticipation of an upcoming performance review or work anniversary.

Many places of work conduct some type of performance review on an annual or bi-annual basis. By sending your letter of intent in advance of such a review, your request will be conveniently timed for your superior’s consideration.

2. Do Research on Your Worth

If you feel that you deserve a promotion or higher salary, you should use online and local resources to research the average salary that individuals with your skills and training earn in your location. Determining the fair wages that employees earn in your current sector of employment will give you an idea of the value that you have to your employer. Furthermore, researching current job titles and the respective salaries can give you insight into finding the exact promotion that you desire. If you find that your current position is more than fair, it may not be reasonable to submit a request for promotion.

3. Write a Job Promotion Letter of Intent

When writing your letter, you should begin by introducing yourself and clearly stating the position you are requesting. Keep in mind that your boss may not be familiar with your work record and expertise. Therefore, it is important that you familiarize your employer with any significant achievements that you have made during your tenure, as well as the skills and knowledge that qualify you for the job position that you desire. If you can secure any letters of recommendation, these can be attached to your letter of intent to support your request.

4. Set up a Meeting with Your Boss

Once you have sent your letter of intent to your boss, you should be contacted to set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss your request. Generally speaking, a letter of intent is submitted by email; however, a hardcopy can be submitted by hand or mail instead if the sender wishes. If your boss does not follow up with you after several days, you should contact them to request a meeting and ensure that they received your letter. Your boss may ask you to bring additional materials to the meeting to discuss your candidacy for promotion. Most likely, you will be told to wait while your employer considers your request further following your discussion.

5 Things to NOT Do to Get a Promotion

  1. Justifying by stating the pay of others in the organization;
  2. Reminding that you’re a college friend or family member of someone else in the organization;
  3. Requesting when the business is going through tough times;
  4. Getting emotional when asking; and
  5. Not asking for a promotion. You don’t get anywhere unless you ask!

Job Promotion Letter of Intent – Sample



Jesse Fletcher
119 12th Street, Suite D
Toledo, Washington 15432

Date: December 6th, 2019

SkyBound Care Products
ATTN: Janet Mason
3010 Wharf Street
Seattle, Washington 16410

Dear Ms. Janet Mason,

I, Jesse Fletcher, am writing this Letter of Intent to put forward my request to be considered as a candidate for the position of Senior Sales Representative.

In my time working as Sales Representative, I have proven myself to be an asset to SkyBound Care Products by ensuring that orders are delivered on-time and anticipating client inventory shortages. By using this strategy, I have exceeded annual sales targets three years in a row.

Furthermore, I have distinguished myself by acquiring three new clients and opening a new local sector in the process. I requested the opportunity to open up communications with private elderly care facilities in the Cobalt district. After making several personal calls and providing in-person product demonstrations, I signed up two clients for bi-weekly orders of our products.

As Senior Sales Representative, I will be able to bring additional value to SkyBound Care Products by having the entire sales team focus on order fulfillment and client inventory. I have proven methods on how to increase our clients’ monthly orders that I can demonstrate to the entirety of the sales team. If promoted to a senior position, I will be able to acquire and maintain more small independent clients in the local sector. Through the acquisition of new clients, we will be able to have increased sales with local delivery and direct client management.

If you have any questions regarding this request, or if you require any documentation or references, please contact me at (555) 426-1317. Thank you for your time and consideration regarding my candidacy for Senior Sales Representative.



Jesse Fletcher