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National Letter of Intent Template | Sample

National Letter of Intent Template | Sample

Updated May 17, 2023

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A national letter of intent (NLI) is a form that can be completed by student-athletes and indicates a commitment to play sports at NCAA colleges and universities. This is not a required document in terms of eligibility; however, submitting an NLI will ensure certainty in the recruiting process.

A national letter of intent is used only for prospective student-athletes enrolling in a four-year institution for the first. The student-athlete must include the institution they plan on attending and the sport they intend to play.

By signing this document, the individual agrees to attend the college/university for one (1) year in exchange for guaranteed athletics financial aid (on the condition that they are eligible for such). Furthermore, the student-athlete can no longer be recruited by any other institution once an NLI has been signed and accepted.

Signing Days – Depending on the sport, the required dates for a student to commit are updated on a yearly basis by the NCAA.

National Letter of Intent – Sample