Letter of Intent to Vacate Rental Property

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Updated June 01, 2022

A letter of intent to vacate is written by a tenant of rental property to communicate his or her intention to terminate a lease. The letter is meant to serve as an official notice of the tenant’s objective to move out of the property and generally grants thirty (30) days’ notice or the minimum amount required by the State. The tenant should send the notice via certified mail with a return receipt requested in case the landlord decides to ignore the tenant’s requests.

Eviction Notice – Use when evicting a tenant for late rent or lease violations.

Letter of Intent to Vacate – Sample



Effective Date: February 28, 2019

RE: Intent to Vacate Rental Unit

I. The Tenant: Lester Dinwiddie (the “Tenant”).

II. The Landlord: Aaron Smith (the “Landlord”).

III. Address of Premises: 99 Church St. South, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02114 (the “Premises”).

IV. Lease Termination: This letter of intent is meant to notify the Landlord that the Tenant intends to terminate their lease dated the 1st day of April, 2018.

V. Vacate Date: Tenant shall vacate the Premises within 30 days of delivering this letter.

VI. Security Deposit: Landlord shall return the security deposit, minus any deductions, to the following address: 7214 Markham Rd., Boston, Massachusetts 02101.

VII. Move-Out Inspection: Tenant and Landlord should inspect the Premises on the final date of occupancy or on any date agreed upon by the parties.

VIII. Utilities: Tenant will arrange to turn off all utilities upon move-out. If the Landlord wishes to transfer the accounts to their name, they should notify the Tenant as soon as possible.

Tenant’s Signature ______________________


I, the undersigned, being at least 18 years of age, declare under penalty of perjury that I served the above letter of intent, of which this is a true copy, on the Landlord in the following manner: Hand-delivered on the 1st day of March, 2019.

Signature ______________________