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Arkansas Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Arkansas Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated August 02, 2023

An Arkansas real estate agent listing agreement grants a licensed real estate agent the right to list a real estate owner’s property for sale on the open market. Mentioned in the document will be a beginning and expiration date that indicates when the agreement will be active. The agreement will also define the sale price, type of listing, seller’s terms and conditions, and the compensation offered to the agent in exchange for the duties they perform. Agents will generally be given a percentage of the total sales price ranging from 4% to 6%. Alternatively, the seller and agent may establish a fixed rate or another form of compensation.

Agency Representation Disclosure (§ 17-42-108(a)(1) and § 8.1 – 8.2) – Must be signed by the buyer or seller if they’re to be represented by a licensed agent.

Dual Agency (§ 17-42-108(a)(2) and § 8.3) – Legal if all parties give their written consent to the transaction.

Property Disclosure Statement – While not legally required in Arkansas, sellers may use this document to disclose property defects to potential buyers.

Search a Licensee – Locate a licensed agent operating in Arkansas.


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