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Washington D.C. Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Washington D.C. Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated February 19, 2024

A Washington, D.C. real estate listing agreement is a contract between a licensed real estate listing agent and buyer or seller of real property, also known as the “client”. The agent represents the client in every aspect of a transaction – from first contacts to finalizing a sale. They usually receive a commission off of the final sale price as compensation for their services.

Agency Disclosure (§ 2613.1) – A listing agent is required to disclose to a buyer or seller that they are representing another party in the negotiation and transaction.

Dual Agency (§ 42-1702(6A)) – A dual agent has a brokerage agreement with both parties in a real estate transaction.

Property Disclosure Statement (§ 42-1302)- A seller and their agent are required to disclose any information about the property that would affect a buyer or renter’s decisions to purchase or lease the property.

Search a License – To verify the realtor’s license status.

Written Agreement (§ 42-1705) – All sales of real property by a listing agent are required to be formalized under a listing agreement if the agent is to receive a commission on the sale.