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Idaho Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Idaho Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated August 02, 2023

An Idaho real estate agent listing agreement is a contract between a real estate agent and a property owner that sets forth the provisions surrounding the agent’s rights and responsibilities in selling said property. The listing agreement authorizes the agent to advertise the seller’s property for a predetermined length of time (around six months or longer). Within the designated agreement term, the agent will have the opportunity to consider offers from prospective buyers before deciding on a purchaser who can meet the seller’s conditions. The agent will be awarded payment for their services. Generally, the agent will be granted a percentage of the total sales price although other payment options are permissible.

Agency Disclosure Brochure (§ 54-2085) – A required disclosure to be reviewed and signed by the prospective buyer or seller at the time of the first substantial business meeting.

Dual Agency (§ 54-2088) – Legal in Idaho. All parties involved in the real estate transaction will need to provide their express written consent.

Property Disclosure Statement (§ 55-2508) – Prospective buyers must be notified of material defects affecting the desired property. Such information must be presented to the buyer in the form of a written disclosure delivered by the seller. The Idaho Association of Realtors has provided a Property Disclosure Statement which can be used for this purpose (available above).

Search a Licensee – A search portal allowing users to look up the license information of a real estate agent or company.

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