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Pennsylvania Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Pennsylvania Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated December 28, 2022

A Pennsylvania real estate agent listing agreement is a legal contract between an agent and their client that grants the agent authority to sell the client’s real estate on their behalf. The Pennsylvania Code mentions two types of listing agreements; the exclusive agency and the exclusive right-to-sell. The latter is the most common, granting the agent exclusivity on the property listing and awarding them compensation for the sale of the property regardless of where the sale comes from. All agreements must contain the sale price, the commission percentage (or fee or other compensation for the agent), and the duration of the agreement. The agent, upon signing the agreement, is obligated to market and advertise the property to the best of their ability to better the chances of receiving a promising offer from a potential buyer. The agent is awarded a commission if they manage to sell the property within the time frame of the listing agreement.

Agency Disclosure Form (§ 35.284) – Upon first (1st) contact, a real estate agent shall provide a disclosure form to any potential client (seller or buyer) in accordance with PA Code § 35.336.

Dual Agency (§ 35.314) – Permitted; must obtain written consent by both parties.

Laws§ 35-332

Property Disclosure Statement (§ 7303 and § 7304) – All real property transfers must be preceded by a disclosure form presented to the buyer in an effort to relay any material defects known to the seller.

Search a Licensee – Find a real estate agent by performing a search through the Pennsylvania Department of State website.