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Idaho Name Change Forms | Petition NCA 1-1

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Idaho Name Change Forms | Petition NCA 1-1

Updated July 20, 2023

Idaho name change forms can be used by a resident to request a legal name change for reasons other than marriage or divorce. The applicant must clearly state the reason for the name change on the petition before submitting it to the district court in the county where they reside. If a judge approves the request, the applicant will be issued a court order providing evidence of the change.

Name Change After Marriage

When filling out your marriage license application, you can specify the surname that you would like to use once you’re married. Once you are officially married, you will receive a certified copy of your marriage license, which acts as evidence of your legal name change. You can request a certified copy of the marriage license from the Department of Health and Welfare online or via mail.

Name Change After Divorce

A request to restore your former name can be made when completing your marital settlement agreement and Petition for Divorce. When your divorce is final and your decree has been received, you may use either the original divorce decree or a certified copy to update your personal accounts, such as your social security card and driver’s license. You can request a certified copy of the divorce certificate from the Department of Health and Welfare online or via mail.

How to Change Your Name (4 steps)

  1. Complete Documents
  2. Make Copies and File With a Clerk
  3. Publish Notice
  4. Attend Hearing

1. Complete Documents

Begin the process by filling out each of the below forms by typing or printing in black ink. Fill out your personal information at the top left of each form. Indicate your local district court and county name in the header in capital letters. Add your current name alongside “In RE” and write N/A in any fields that do not apply. Leave case information fields blank for the courts to fill out.

There is an area on the Petition for Name Change (NCA 1-1) in which you must enter the name of a newspaper that circulates in your county.[1]  Select one of the state-approved newspapers and enter its name in the applicable area.

2. Make Copies and File With a Clerk

Create multiple copies of each document for your personal records. Visit the office of your local district court clerk to submit your filing, which should include the following:

  • Petition for Name Change (NCA 1-1) — original plus one copy
  • Notice of Hearing on Name Change (NCA 1-2) — original plus two copies
  • General Civil Case Information Sheet — original

A $166 filing fee will be due at the time of filing.[2] If you  are unable to afford the filing fee, you can request an exemption by filing a Motion and Affidavit for Fee Waiver (FW 1-9) along with an Order Re: Fee Waiver (FW 1-10).

Upon submitting your filing, ask the clerk to schedule your hearing at least six weeks in the future. The clerk will write your hearing information on the Notice of Hearing on Name Change (NCA 1-2) and return a copy to you.

3. Publish Notice

Deliver the Letter Requesting Publication of Notice (NCA 1-3) and a copy of the Notice of Hearing on Name Change (NCA 1-2) to the newspaper you selected in your petition. The newspaper will publish the information at least one time each week for four consecutive weeks.

After publication, the newspaper will provide you with an Affidavit of Publication from the newspaper. Mail or hand-deliver this document to the courthouse.

4. Attend Hearing

Idaho law requires name change applicants to appear at the hearing.[3] Arrive at the courthouse for your hearing on the date and time set by the clerk. Be sure to bring the original Judgment for Name Change (NCA 8-1) and several copies for certification. The judge will review your case and, if necessary, ask you to respond to questions under oath.

If your request is approved by the judge, they will sign the Judgment, making your new name official. Ask the clerk to make you certified copies of this document. If you remembered to bring copies of the form to your hearing, a fee of $0.50 per page plus a $1 fee for the seal will apply. If you did not bring any copies, the fee for a certified copy will be $1 per page plus a $1 seal fee.[4]

Driver’s License

An Idaho driver’s license cannot be updated until a new social security card has been applied for. To apply for a new social security card, complete the Application (Form SS-5) and submit it to a Social Security Administration (SSA) office. In addition to the application, you must submit the following documents:

  • Name change document (e.g., marriage certificate or divorce decree)
  • Proof of date of birth (e.g., birth certificate or passport)
  • Proof of identity (e.g., driver’s license or ID card)
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship OR lawful presence in the country

The SSA accepts specific documents.

After applying for a new social security card, you can update your driver’s license by visiting an Idaho DMV and submitting the following:

  • Current Idaho driver’s license
  • Name change document (e.g., marriage certificate, court order)
  • Payment (fees vary by county)

Additional documents may be required. Contact the DMV prior to your visit for more information on what will be needed.

Voter Registration

After changing your name in Idaho, you can update the voter registration information on file with the County Elections Office by filing online or completing a new Voter Registration Form (select the box in section eight to specify a change of name). Deliver the form in person or by mail to one of the elections offices found on page 2 of the Voter Registration Form.


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