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Louisiana Name Change Forms | Petition

Louisiana Name Change Forms | Petition

Updated August 16, 2023

Louisiana name change forms can be used by a resident to legally change their name and update their identification. To request a name change, they must submit a petition to their parish court with the accompanying fee. However, if an individual wishes to adopt their spouse’s surname after marriage, they need only file their marriage license with their parish minister.

Name Change After Marriage

Applying for a marriage license allows you to begin the process of taking on a spouse’s last name. The marriage license must be submitted to their parish minister, usually within 10 days of the couple being married. Once you receive the marriage certificate, it can be used as legal evidence of your name change.

To obtain certified copies of your marriage certificate, you can contact the clerk of court in the parish where the license was issued. The Louisiana Department of Health also maintains a State Registrar and Vital Records Office, where interested parties who purchased licenses in Orleans Parish can obtain certified copies.

Name Change After Divorce

In Louisiana, women can have their names changed as part of the divorce proceedings. Indicate the desired name change on the marital settlement agreement and the petition for divorce. Once finalized, the divorce decree can be used as legal proof of the name change. To obtain a certified copy of the divorce decree, contact the clerk of court office in the parish where the divorce was issued.

In order for a man to revert to his original surname, he must obtain a court order separately from divorce court proceedings after the divorce is final.

How to Change Your Name (5 Steps)

  1. Fill In the Petition
  2. Prepare for Filing
  3. File With the District Court
  4. Submit a Copy
  5. Receive Judgment

1. Fill In the Petition

Begin by filling out a Louisiana Petition for Name Change form. The form requires petitioners to provide their district court and parish in which they are filing, the reasons for the name change request, and personal information, including social security number and place of residence.

2. Prepare for Filing

You will need three copies of the petition printed on legal paper.[1] A print shop can provide this service for a small fee. Sign the documents in blue ink. Contact your clerk of court to ask if there are any additional filing requirements specific to your parish.

3. File the Petition With the District Court

File your Petition for Name Change at the parish in which you were born, the parish of your current residence, or at the Vital Records Registry.[2] The court fees for a name change vary from one parish to another, typically in the range of several hundred dollars. If you are unable to pay the fee, you can still proceed with your petition by filing an In Forma Pauperis Affidavit with the court.[3]

The clerk of court will check your photo identification and collect the fee before affixing their stamp to the three copies of the Petition for Name Change. The clerk will keep one copy and return the other two.

4. Submit a Copy of the Petition to the District Attorney

Next, submit a stamped copy of your Petition for Name Change to the district attorney in your parish. The district attorney will likely ask for a copy of your photo identification and take your contact information.

5. Receive Judgment

Once the district attorney has filed their answer regarding your name change petition, the judge assigned to the case will make their final decision. If a hearing is required, you will be informed in advance by the clerk of court.

Once the judge has approved your request, have your Judgement form (the second portion of your Petition for Name Change) stamped by the clerk of court and take it to the judge for signature. This document will serve as legal proof of your name change.

Driver’s License

Before updating your license, you will need to update your social security card. Submit an Application for a Social Security Card to the nearest SSA Office.

To update your name on your driver’s license, go to your local driver’s license office with your signed Judgement, your current license, proof of insurance, and proof of insurance for any vehicles you own. You will be asked to take a vision test. Fees for a new license range from $13 to $23.[4]

Voter Registration

Louisiana residents can update their voter registration by filling out the Louisiana Voter Registration Form or using the Online Louisiana Voter Registration portal.


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