Louisiana Name Change Forms – How to Change Your Name in LA

Updated August 07, 2022

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A Louisiana name change form is used by residents to officially change their name and legally update their identification. In order for an adult to request a name change for themselves, they must submit a Petition for Name Change to their parish court with the accompanying fee. However, if an individual wishes to adopt their spouse’s surname after marriage, they need only file their marriage license with their parish minister. Furthermore, women who wish to revert to their maiden name following a divorce can do so during their divorce proceedings. Once their name has been legally changed, residents can update their various forms of identification to reflect this change by presenting a court order, marriage license, or divorce decree.

Laws – §13:4751

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Name Change After Marriage

Once two (2) people have been formally married, they can apply for a marriage license and with this license begin the process of taking on a spouse’s last name. The marriage license must be submitted to their parish minister, often within ten (10) days of the couple being married. After filing the marriage license, the person who changed their surname will need to update their other accounts and identification to reflect this name change.

Name Change After Divorce

In Louisiana, women can apply to have their name changed during divorce proceedings by including a Petition for Name Change in their divorce papers. Once a divorce has been finalized, women are permitted to begin using their maiden name, even without a court order. Having a court order only makes the process of updating their documentation easier. In order for a man to revert to his original surname, however, he must obtain a court order separately from divorce court proceedings after the divorce is final.

Adult Name Change (No Marriage or Divorce)

Louisiana residents who are the age of majority (eighteen (18) years of age or older) can change their name by petitioning their parish’s district court. However, incarcerated residents are not permitted to change their name until they have served their sentence in full.

Step 1 – Fill-in the Petition

In order to make a request to legally change their name, a resident will need to fill out a Petition for Name Change form. The state-wide Louisiana Petition for Name Change form may be used, and requires that the individual provides the name of their parish, their district court number, and the name of their district attorney. There are two (2) pages to the document, one is the “Petition” form and the other is the “Judgement” form. Examples of specific parish name change petitions are provided below. You will need three (3) copies of your petition and judgment form.

Sample Parish Petitions

Step 2 – File the Petition With the District Court

An individual can file their Petition for Name Change at the parish in which they were born, the parish of their current residence, or at the Vital Records Registry in Orleans Parish. A list of all Louisiana parishes and their Clerks of Court can be found here. The court fees for a name change vary from one parish to another and range from $300 to more than $500. So, one should contact their parish in order to verify the necessary fee and be prepared to pay it. If the individual is unable to pay the fee, they can still proceed with their petition by filing an affidavit with the court and providing sufficient proof, including a witness, to prove that they are incapable of paying the required fee (CCP 5181).

The Clerk of Court will ask the individual to identify themselves with ID and pay the required fee before affixing their stamp to the three (3) copies of their Petition for Name Change. The clerk will keep one (1) copy, and the individual will take the other two (2) copies with them.

Step 3 – Submit a Copy of the Petition to the District Attorney

Next, the individual must submit a copy of their Petition for Name Change to their District Attorney. The District Attorney will most likely ask for a copy of the individual’s photo ID and take their contact information.

Step 4 – Judge Makes Decision Regarding the Petition

Once the District Attorney has filed their answer regarding the individual’s name change petition, the judge assigned to the case will make their final decision. If the individual needs to attend a hearing regarding their petition, they will be informed in advance by the Clerk of Court. Once the judge has reached a decision, the individual can have their “Judgement” form stamped by the Clerk of Court and taken to the judge to be signed. The individual can either wait until the judge has signed their “Judgement” form or have it sent to the Clerk of Court’s office.

Driver’s License

In order for Louisiana residents to update their name on their driver’s license, they will need to present themselves at their local driver’s license office with their name change documents (marriage license/divorce decree/court order, etc.) and the requisite identification. A new photograph of the individual may need to be taken for the updated license. After verifying their change of name, the individual’s new driver’s license will either be produced onsite or sent by mail.

Voter Registration

In order for Louisiana residents to update their voter registration information to reflect a change of name, they will need to fill out the Louisiana Voter Registration Form and indicate that the form is being used for a name change. This can also be accomplished online through the Online Louisiana Voter Registration webpage.

Minor (Child) Name Change

In Louisiana, a minor is defined as anyone who is under the age of eighteen (18). Both of the minor’s parents, or their tutor, must be Louisiana residents in order request that the minor’s name be changed. A tutor is defined as someone who has been appointed as the minor’s acting guardian. If one of the parents has been granted sole custody of the minor, or if the other parent has been delinquent with child support payments, the signatures and consent of both parents are not required.

Step 1 – Fill-in the Petition

In order for a minor to have their name changed, their parent(s) or guardian(s) must make a request to the district court by filling out the Petition for Name Change for Minor. This document includes both a “Petition” and a “Judgement” form. Three (3) copies of the document should be made.

Step 2 – File the Petition With the District Court

Next, the petition will be filed with the Clerk of Court for the parish of either the minor’s place of residence, their place of birth, or, alternatively, it can be submitted at the Orleans Parish (where the Vital Records Registry is located). All parents/guardians who signed the document should present and sufficiently identify and explain themselves, after which, the clerk can stamp all three (3) copies of the document.

Step 3 – Submit a Copy of the Petition to the District Attorney

One (1) copy of the “Petition” should be submitted to the District Attorney, who will also require identification, along with the individual’s contact information.

Step 4 – Judge Makes Decision Regarding the Petition

Once the District Attorney has made and filed their decision regarding the petition, the judge who has been assigned to the case will have to make the final decision. If there is to be a public hearing for making this decision, the Clerk of Court will inform the interested parties. If the judge approves the Petition for Name Change, they will sign the “Judgement” which can then be stamped by the Court Clerk.