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Missouri Name Change Forms | Petition CAFC401

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Missouri Name Change Forms | Petition CAFC401

Updated August 14, 2023

Missouri name change forms are used by residents to request a legal name change. In most instances, a name change will be authorized as long as it is not for fraudulent or criminal purposes. Name changes in relation to marriage or divorce are most common and can easily be made as a part of the marriage and divorce proceedings.

Name Change After Marriage

In Missouri, an individual can change their last name during marriage by indicating their new last name on their marriage license application. After a certified copy of the marriage license is obtained from the local Recorder of Deeds Office, it can be used as proof of the name change when the individual updates their personal information with the Social Security Administration, DMV, and more.

Name Change After Divorce

An individual may easily revert back to their previous last name as a part of divorce proceedings. All they need to do is include their name change in their Marital Settlement Agreement and Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Once the divorce is final, the subject may use a certified copy of their divorce decree as proof of name change. Certified copies can be obtained from the Circuit Clerk in the county where the divorce was granted.

How to Change Your Name (8 steps)

  1. Complete Petition for Change of Name
  2. Notarize Petition for Change of Name
  3. Gather Documents
  4. File Petition with Circuit Clerk
  5. Pay Filing Fee
  6. Attend Hearing (If Required)
  7. Receive Court Judgment
  8. Publish Name Change

1. Complete Petition for Change of Name

Begin by filling out the Petition for Change of Name (CAFC401), except for page 4, which must be completed in the presence of a notary public.[1] This document outlines your current name, your desired new name, and your personal information.

2. Notarize Petition for Change of Name

Once your petition has been filled out, you must have your signature witnessed and verified by a notary public. For a small fee, you can have your document notarized at a UPS Store, a bank, or by a private notary. Bring your document and a photo identification to the notary. After confirming identification, the agent will notarize the document by providing their signature, commission expiry date, and notary seal.

3. Gather Documents

Before filing your completed petition, you should contact the Circuit Court in your county to inquire about filing fees and procedures for a name change petition in your area. You should bring the following documents to the county court when you file your petition:

  • Notarized Petition for Change of Name
  • Photo identification
  • Proof of address (utility bill, government check, voter registration, etc.)
  • Filing fee (varies by county)

4. File Petition with Circuit Court

You can file your Petition for Change of Name at your local Circuit Court with the Clerk of Court during office hours. Request at least one certified copy of your petition from the clerk.

5. Pay Filing Fee

Pay the required filing fee, which will vary by county. If you cannot pay this fee, you can apply to have the court fees waived by filing an In Forma Pauperis Application (GN10) with your petition.

6. Attend Hearing (If Required)

A hearing is generally not required if the petitioned name change is considered “proper” and “not detrimental to the interests of any other person.”[2]

It is unlikely that there will be a hearing regarding your name change, but if there is, you will be informed of the court date by the Clerk of Court. On the hearing date, the judge will hear any objections and consider your case.

7. Receive Court Judgment

Once the judge has rendered a decision, they will fill out the Judgment for Change of Name (CAFC470) indicating whether your petition has been approved or not.

8. Publish Name Change

After a name change has been granted, a notice of the name change must be published within 20 days of the judgment being given.[3] If you are a victim of a crime or domestic violence, you can request to nullify this requirement.[4] Otherwise, publication must occur at least once per week for a minimum of three weeks in a newspaper that has distribution in your county.

To do so, complete the Request for Publication after Judgment of Change of Name (CAFC480) and file it with your Circuit Court. Next, make arrangements for publishing with a local newspaper and pay the required publication fee. After the publication period is completed, the publishing newspaper will send you a Notice of Publication, which you must file with the Circuit Court.

Once this is completed, the court will issue a certified Judgment or Order, which can be used as legal proof of the name change.

Driver’s License

To update your name on your Missouri driver’s license and vehicle title, visit your local Department of Revenue (DOR) Office and apply for a duplicate card or card renewal (if eligible). You will need to bring the following documents to prove your identity:

  • Proof of name change (marriage license, divorce decree, or certified court order)
  • The DOR may require other documentation, such as:
    • Current driver’s license/photo ID;
    • Proof of Missouri residential address (voter registration or utility bill); and
    • Proof of social security number.

A new photo will be taken on-site, and you must pay the associated fees.[5] Your updated license will either be given to you at the DOR Office or sent to you by mail.

Voter Registration

To update your voter registration with your new name, submit an Online Missouri Voter Registration or complete a Voter Registration Application and mail it to your local election authority.


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