Oklahoma Name Change Forms – How to Change Your Name in OK

Updated August 07, 2022

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An Oklahoma name change form allows adults to legally change their name in the State of Oklahoma as long as they have resided within the state for a minimum of thirty (30) days. A person may feel compelled to change their name for a multitude of reasons, and they may do so as long as they are eighteen (18) of age or older. In order to change the name of a minor (child), the parent, guardian or next friend must file the petition. To make a name change after a marriage, one simply needs to present a valid marriage certificate. After a person gets divorced, their name prior to marriage will be restored at their behest (this information will be recorded in the divorce decree).

Laws § 12-1631

Table of Contents

Name Change After Marriage

The most common type of name change occurs after a person gets married. There are no external procedures required to change your name in Oklahoma after marriage. Simply provide your current legal name and the name(s) you’ll take after marriage on the marriage license application. Once the marriage is official, the marriage certificate should be endorsed with your newly married name.

Name Change After Divorce

If you wish to have your name changed back after a divorce, you can restore your previous name before marriage during the divorce process. Once you’ve stated your desire to do so, your name before marriage will be included on the divorce decree.

Adult Name Change (No Marriage or Divorce)

Oklahoma courts are known to grant most name change petitions; however, individuals will be charged with a misdemeanor offense if they petition a name change under the following circumstances

  • Trying to hide from creditors
  • Has, or is avoiding a criminal conviction
  • Attempting to defraud another person

Step 1 – Complete the Petition Form

The first form that must be filled out is the Petition. This is the form that includes your basic information as well as your requested name change.

Step 2 – Complete Verification Form

The Petition must be notarized; this can be accomplished by using the Verification Form. You must sign and print your name in front of a notary public, who will then complete their portion of the form.

Step 3 – Complete Notice Form

The Notice Form should only be partially filled out. Write your current name, your name change, and your current signature on the form. The rest will be completed by a County Clerk once the forms have been filed and a hearing date has been set.

Step 4 – Complete Order Form

The Order Form will be completed in a similar manner as the Notice Form. Include all the pertinent personal information (name, county, birth certificate number, signature) and the judge will fill in the rest once they have approved your name change.

Step 5 – Make Copies

At least two (2) copies should be made of the Petition and Notice. You might want to make more copies of the Order Form as this is what you will need to provide when updating your name on your SSN, Driver’s License, etc.

Step 6 – Submit Forms to Court Clerk

Bring all the forms to the Court Clerk in the County where you reside. (If the county on your forms does not match the county court you deliver them to, you might have to start the process over.) The Clerk will assign you a judge and a hearing date, at which point they will fill out the Notice with the necessary hearing information. The Court Clerk will ask you to pay the appropriate filing fees and, if they take care of the publication themselves, they will demand a publication fee as well.

Step 7 – Publish Notice

The Court Clerk might allow you to leave the Notice with them for publication. Otherwise, you will have to deliver the Notice to a legal publication newspaper. The Notice must be published in a legal publication newspaper at least ten (10) days before the scheduled hearing. You may want to allow fifteen (15) days or more between the day you file your forms and the hearing date.

Step 8 – Attend Hearing

You must personally appear before the judge to testify to the truthfulness of the petition and reason for the name change. If the judge deems it a legitimate reason, they will sign the Order.

Step 9 – Certify Copies of Order Form

Take the signed Order along with all previously made copies, and ask the Court Clerk to make certified copies. These will be used when notifying various agencies of your legal name change.

Driver’s License

To update your name change on your Driver’s License, visit your local Department of Public Safety (DPS) Office. You will be required to present one (1) piece of primary identification, one (1) piece of secondary identification, and your marriage license, divorce decree, or name change decree, whatever the case may be.

Voter Registration

Once you have legally changed your name, you will have to update your voter registration by submitting a new voter registration application. Download the Oklahoma Voter Registration Application Form, provide all the appropriate information, and submit it to the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Minor (Child) Name Change

Any person below the age of eighteen (18) is considered a minor, therefore a parent, guardian or next friend must apply for the name change. Consent from the minor may or may not be required; contact the court clerk in your county to inquire.  The name of a minor in custody of a parent following a divorce may not change the minor’s name if the non-custodial parent objects.

Step 1 – Complete Petition and Verification Forms

The parents, guardian, or person petitioning for the name change must complete the Petition. This will include the minor’s current name, desired new name, birth date, residence, parent’s residence, and reason for the name change. The second page is where the petitioner(s) must claim the information on the petition is true. A notary public must witness the signature(s) and include their own.

Step 2 – Complete Consent Form (If Necessary)

It is not always required, but a Consent Form may need to be filled out by the minor. This will include their basic information plus a sworn statement that what they have included in the form is true.

Step 3 – File Name Change Forms

Visit your local County Court Clerk to file the completed forms and a certified copy of the minor’s birth certificate. The clerk will ask for a filing/publication fee of $165.70 and, once they accept the paperwork, set a hearing date.

Step 4 – Attend Hearing

Once the judge is convinced the reason for the name change is legitimate, they will sign the Order and the minor can start using their new name.