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Trade Secret Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

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Trade Secret Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Updated March 12, 2024

A trade secret non-disclosure agreement (NDA) allows a business or individual (releasor) to share proprietary information with someone else (releasee). The trade secret should be described in the NDA, as much as possible, to protect the releasor.

If the releasee uses the trade secret for their own benefit or shares it with a 3rd party, they will be liable for damages.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in PDF, MS Word, or OpenDocument.

Step 2 – The first paragraph will demand the following data:

  • Date the agreement is created
  • Name and address of Releasor
  • Name and address of Recipient

Step 3 – The name of the State that will govern the agreement must be supplied.

Step 4 – The signature, printed name, and date must be provided by both the Releasor and the Recipient.