Vermont Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Vermont non-disclosure agreement is employed when a company wishes to maintain the confidentiality of their Trade Secrets. This agreement, once signed, can serve as legal proof that both signatories were fully aware of the consequences of releasing Confidential Information or Trade Secrets to the public, and that they were conscious of the confidential nature of said information. An agreement of this nature is often used when two companies are planning on doing business together and require access to sensitive information in order to evaluate the possible engagement. An NDA agreement is also often used before a new employee gains access to a company’s Trade Secrets.

Definition of “Trade Secret” – § 4601. Definitions

LawsChapter 143 Trade Secrets

Non-Compete Agreement – This document is used to limit an employee’s ability to compete in a similar field as the employer once their business relationship has terminated.

(Video) How to Make an NDA in Vermont


How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt).

Step 2 – The non-disclosure agreement will need to be furnished with the date of creation and the name of each party.

Step 3 – If the agreement is one-sided in that only one party cannot reveal the Confidential Information, select the first checkbox. The second should be checked if neither party is able to disclose the info. The relationship held between the parties can be identified in the fields of section three (3).

Step 4 – A party is obligated to return materials to the other, requesting party in a pre-determined amount of days. The number can be entered in the field of the below paragraph.

Step 5 – The following must be supplied before the agreement can be finalized:

  • First party’s signature
  • Date of first party signing
  • First party’s printed name
  • Second party’s signature
  • Date of second party signing
  • Second party’s printed name