West Virginia Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The West Virginia non-disclosure agreement is a document used to bind one or two parties to preserve the secrecy of the Confidential Information in question. The purpose of the form is to protect the information’s confidentiality and prevent it from reaching the hands of a business’s competitors. Due to the invaluable nature of a company’s Trade Secrets, it is in the business’s best interest to introduce a non-disclosure agreement whenever they’re entering into a new business relationship. Any party who releases the information, be it intentionally or accidentally, will shoulder all responsibility and will be liable for the payment of damages.

Definition of “Trade Secret” – §47-22-1. Definitions.


Non-Compete Agreement – This agreement is usually used to limit an employee’s ability to compete with the employer once their business relationship has terminated.

(Video) How to Make an NDA in West Virginia

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt).

Step 2 – The first portion of the form must be furnished with the day’s date and the name of both parties.

Step 3 – Select whether the nature of the agreement is Unilateral or Mutual by checking one (1) of the available boxes. The relationship between the two parties can be described in the available fields of the third section.

Step 4 – In the first field of the second page, enter the number of days that a party has to return materials to a requesting party.

Step 5 – Both parties must supply their printed names, their signatures and the date of signing.