Alaska Non-Compete Agreement Template

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The Alaska Non-Compete Agreement Template is a document used between a potential employee and employer detailing the employer’s expectations if the employee is terminated or resigns. Here, the employer will require the employee agree to abstain from misuse or misappropriation of company information, trade secrets, intellectual property or any other proprietary aspect of the company. In fact, it will prohibit any dissemination of information or associations that may cause a conflict of interest or damage to the employer for a specific amount of time extending from a named event or date.

There is no general statute that governs non-compete agreements in the state of Alaska. Non-compete agreements are generally disfavored in the state of Alaska, however, agreements related to the sale of a business may be viewed more favorably than agreements restricting employees. This document will act as a contract when it is signed and thus, will be enforceable in a court of law as a contract.

You may download a copy using this page. Several buttons have been provided so that you may select a file type that is compatible with your editing software. In the absence of such software, you may open this template as a PDF form. A current web browser will allow you to view, save, and print a copy. If this contract is filled out manually, make sure the information supplied is legible and in blue or black ink.

Laws – No Statute

How to Write

1 – Supply The First Paragraph With Some Required Identities

Submit the Legal Name of the Employer on the first blank line.

Enter the Employee on the second blank line. This party shall sign this agreement and abstain from the use of any company information when terminated or resigned.

2 – Document The Terms Of Non-Compete Disclosure

Several items will be defined in the section titled “2. Non-Compete/Disclosure.” Each one will define manners in which the employer’s sensitive information can (potentially) be at risk. In order, to prevent such information from being disseminated in one or more of these scenarios, the Employer will need to mark the checkbox corresponding to that description. Only paragraphs with a marked checkbox will define a behavior the Employee will be forbidden from engaging in.

If the Employer wishes to prevent the Employee from engaging in “Business Practices” that involve providing products and services like that of the Employer for anyone other than the Employer without written consent from the Employer, the first checkbox should be marked.

The Employer may also prohibit the Employee from misusing its information and relationships with “Clients/Customers” by marking the checkbox corresponding to the second paragraph.

A scenario where the Employee conducts any business with the Employer’s competitors can produce quite a security risk regarding the Employer’s Trade Secrets. To forbid the Employee from having relations with the Employer’s “General Competitors” then, mark the third paragraph’s checkbox.

The Employer also has the option of allowing for the Employee to deal with some entities that may be competitive and strictly forbid associations with specific ones. If so, the list of “Specific Competitors” the Employer does not wish the Employee to have any association with should be listed on the blank lines in the fourth paragraph. Once this has been recorded, mark the checkbox to this paragraph to set its Effect in action.

The checkbox corresponding to the last paragraph should be marked if the Employer wishes to prevent the Employee from carrying any kind of relationship with other present or past employees, staff member, and associates of the employer.

3 – Select The Effective Start Date And Define This Contract’s Lifetime

This contract will need a specific Start and defined Termination to the Effect of its terms. To accomplish this, the Employer must provide a few simple details in “3. Time Period.” First, enter the length of Time this contract will remain effective once it’s Effect becomes active.

Next, the Start of this contract’s terms must be definitive. If this contract’s terms become active upon the Signature Date, then mark the check box corresponding to the statement “Effective Date Of This Agreement.” Otherwise, the start of this contract may be at the Employee’s Termination Date if the second statement’s checkbox is marked.

4 – Solidify The Employer’s Stance On The Purchase Option

If the Employer the Employee the option to buy his or her way out of adhering to these terms, this can be accomplished by marking the first statement in section “4. Purchase Option” by marking the first statement’s checkbox and filling in the US Dollar Amount the Employee must pay for this paperwork’s nullification. If the Employer has no intention of providing this option, then mark the second checkbox.

5 – Indicate The State Government Whose Courts Will Enforce This Contract

The State where the terms of this contract will be enforced must be recorded on the blank line in the “5. Jurisdiction” section.6 -The Entire Agreement Will Be Verified Through The Employer And Employee Signature

Once the employer had made all entries and the employee has reviewed the finished template, both parties will be required to provide to report the agreed upon Execution Date in the “In Witness…” statement. Then provide a few items on this date.

On the Execution Date of this document, the Employer must sign his or her Name, provide his or her printed name and title, and verify the Signature Date by recording it. These items should be supplied by an authorized representative of the Employer on the blank lines labeled “Signature,” “Print Name And Title,” and “Date” (respectively) in the column under the heading “The Company.”

The Employee who intends to adhere to this agreement will also need to verify this intent. He or she will need to provide a valid Signature, his or her Printed Name and Title, and the Date he or she signs it using the three blank lines in the “Recipient” column. Each of the blank lines (“Signature,” “Print Name And Title,” and “Date”) will accept one of the items named in its label.