Kentucky Non-Compete Agreement Template

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The Kentucky Non-Compete Agreement Template enables a business or corporation to protect its proprietary information for a reasonable amount of time from being used in a competitive manner by a past or present professional relationship. This is accomplished by creating a signed contract where a Recipient of any such information will agree to limitations or restrictions regarding their behavior in the Company’s field of industry. All the conditions in this paperwork will center upon topics of Disclosure and Competition.

There is no general statute or regulation for non-compete agreements in the state of Kentucky. Non-compete agreements are enforced in Kentucky if they are valid, reasonable in duration, and can be applied to a geographic scope and purpose. Naturally, this paperwork will need to be filled out with some information to apply it to the current situation and will only act as a contract upon binding signature of both the Company and the Recipient.

There is no general statute or regulation for non-compete agreements in the state of Kentucky. Non-compete agreements are enforced in Kentucky if they are valid, reasonable in duration, geographic scope, and purpose.

Laws – None

How to Write

1 – Supplement The Introduction With Some Necessary Information

The first paragraph of this contract will introduce the two parties participating in it. Two empty spaces have been provided to this end. Introduce the Company issuing this contract on the first available blank line and the Recipient of this Contract on the second available blank space. 

2 – Document The Determined Recipient Responsibilities

Section 2, titled “2. Non-Compete/Disclosure,” intends to establish what the Company shall disallow regarding Competition with the company. Check each box that applies to this agreement in order for it to be officially included.

Locate the first description statement titled “Business Practices.” If it has been agreed the Recipient shall not conduct any affairs described in this paragraph (i.e. using Company information to provide similar services/products as the Company) then, check the box at the start of this statement.

The next description will center on the Company’s clients. If the Company and Recipient agree the Recipient will not engage in any way with Company Clients that competes with the Company then mark the checkbox next to statement titled “Clients/Customers.”

Two statements have been provided relating to a Company’s Competitors. The first, “General Competitors,” forbids the Recipient in conducting business with any of the Company’s Competitors while the next one, “Specific Competitors” will provide a couple of blank lines to name specific entities the Recipient may not conduct business with. You may check one or both corresponding check boxes to include the desired restrictions in this contract.

The last statement concerns itself with the Company’s “Employees.” To include a condition where the Recipient may not associate and conduct business with anyone in a professional relationship (past or present) with the Company, then mark the “Employees” checkbox.

3 – The Time Frame Of The Recipient’s Responsibilities Must Be Defined

The Recipient’s responsibilities, as per this contract, will have the lifespan you enter (as years and months) on the blank line in “3. Time Period.”

This period of Recipient responsibility can begin as the result of one of two events. If they are to begin upon the Execution Date then check the first checkbox in this section. If the start of the Recipient responsibilities is delayed until his or her relationship with the Company ends, checkmark the second statement.

4 – The Recipient May Purchase A Premature Termination Of These Terms

In some cases, the Disclosing Company will provide an option enabling the Contract Recipient to pay the Company for the option to void the document. If this option will be available after this document is executed, then check the first box in this section then and declare the amount the Recipient must pay the Company to be relieved of this contract’s terms.

If this option will not be available, then check the second box in this section, therefore rendering them vulnerable to the conditions of this paperwork.

5 – The Area Where This Contract Is Enforced And Exerts Its Conditions Should Be Declared

In “5. Jurisdiction”, we will need to report the Local and State Governments or State Government where the obligations of this contract will need to be adhered to by the Recipient. Report this Jurisdiction on the blank line supplied in this article’s statement.

6 – The Date This Contract Shall Be Officially Executed Must Be Properly Documented

Upon completion of the document, record its Execution Date utilizing the final three spaces in the last sentence of “13. Entire Agreement.” Report this as a Two-Digit Calendar Day on the first blank space, the Month Name on the second space, and the Two-Digit Year in the final blank line.

7 – The Participant’s Execution Must Be Made Provable

Once the document has been presented, if all parties agree, they must specify their compliance with this contract’s terms by attending to the two columns at the end of this paperwork (“The Company” and “Recipient.”)

The Company Owner or Company Representative must sign the “Signature” line under the words “The Company.”  Below his or her Name, the Company Owner or Representative should Print his or her Name and report the Title held with the Company (i.e. Owner, Vice-President, Hiring Manager etc.). Finally, the Date he or she signed his or her Name must be recorded by the Company Owner or Representative on the last blank space.

The Recipient will need to sign his or her Name. He or she must provide this signature on the first blank line under the “Recipient” heading. The Printed Name of the Contract Recipient must be presented on the second line in the “Recipient” column. The last required item in this column is the Recipient’s Signature Date. He or she must record this on the line labeled “Date.”