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Maryland Non-Compete Agreement Template

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Maryland Non-Compete Agreement Template

Updated March 01, 2024

A Maryland non-compete agreement gives the power to restrict a person’s ability to work in a specific field for a geographical area and duration. It is usually connected to an employment contract to limit competition after an employee is terminated. In Maryland, low-wage employees or attorneys are prohibited from entering a non-compete.

Legally Enforceable?

Yes, except for the following individuals:[1][2]

  • employees making less than $19.88 at an employer with more than 14 employees; or
  • employees making less than $19.20 at an employer with 14 employees or less.

Adequate Consideration

A non-compete is required to provide adequate consideration (such as being ancillary to an employment contract or the sale of a business) and reasonable to the extent that:[3][4]

  • Employer protection. Protects the business of the employer;
  • Undue hardship. It does not impose an undue hardship on the employee; and
  • Public interest. It is not against the public interest.

Attorneys (prohibited)

A licensed attorney is prohibited from entering into a non-compete agreement.[5]

Continued Employment

Maryland courts have ruled that continued employment is deemed sufficient consideration for a non-compete.[6]

Maximum Term

A non-compete is considered reasonable for 3 years.[7]

Blue Penciling

A non-compete is allowed to be modified if a non-compete is overbroad and not deliberately unreasonable.[8]