Maine Non-Compete Agreement Template

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The Maine Non-Compete Agreement Template documents the expectations a Company holds in when it discloses sensitive information to the Contract Recipient. It is important to keep in mind that when a Company opens its books to an individual (i.e. Staff) or an entity (i.e. Partner), it can be rendered vulnerable to unfair competition in the future. This can be extremely detrimental to its business regardless if this misuse is intentional or not. Thus, it would be considered wise for the Company to make sure its confidence is kept by first gaining a promise that its privacy be maintained, and its Trade Secrets respected by the Recipient. This can be done through a contractual agreement such as the one presented on this page.

This paperwork can be downloaded in one of three formats: PDF, MS Word, and ODT. You can use the buttons provided with these labels to gain access to this template. If you have the correct software, you may supply the requested information onscreen. If you do not have access to any compatible editing programs, you may access the PDF version through a current browser then print it. Make sure there is enough time allotted for both parties to review the finished product at the signing.

Laws – None

How to Write

1 – Supply The Introduction With Some Basic Information

The introduction statement presented in “1. Purpose” will contain two blank lines that require a report on who is participating in this agreement. Report the Company’s Legal Name in the first empty space and the Contract Recipient’s Legal Name on the second available space.

2 – The Agreed Upon Terms Must Be Selected To Be Included

In section 2, the Disclosing Company must review all the selections available in this section. Since this section will indicate specific business actions that will require that the Contract Recipient refrain from, entirely, until the stated time period expires, all applicable boxes must be checked. Any unchecked restrictions will not require observance by the employee at any point. Any or all boxes may be checked.

The first division of restrictions that may be imposed here on the Recipient will be focused on his or her “Business Practices.” Mark the first statement’s checkbox to apply the text to this contract.The next subject will be the Company’s “Clients/Customers.” Place a checkmark in the second checkbox if this contract should include a restriction against the Recipient’s professional relationship with such entities.This paperwork may also serve to prevent the Recipient from behaving a certain way with the Company’s Competitors. Mark the “General Competitor(s)” checkbox to place such conditions in this contract.If desired and agreed upon, a list of Competitors may be presented in the “Specific Competitor(s)” statement. If this checkbox is marked, the Recipient will be considered in breach of this contract if he or she engages in a business, that focuses on similar products/services as the Company’s, with any of these entities.

The last area to be discussed will concern itself with the Company’s “Employees.” To prevent fraternizations that could lead to competing with or subverting the Company’s interests, mark the last checkbox.

3 – The Conditions Placed On The Recipient Must Have A Defined Time Frame

The Recipient will have to maintain all the conditions in this document so long as it is in Effect. In many cases, it would be unfair for such terms to remain Effective indefinitely thus, a predetermined lifespan must be declared (i.e. three years, two months) on the blank line in the first statement beneath the heading “3. Time Period.”

Once the specified time period has been recorded, the next step would be to check only one of the boxes that would best reflect when the company would require the effective date of all restrictions to begin. Checkmark the first or second checkbox to indicate if these responsibilities begin on the Execution Date or when the Company and Recipient are no longer engaged in business (respectively).

4 – A Consideration For Recipient Payment May Be Acceptable

Purchase Option – Should the company choose, they may offer the employee the option to void the document by paying the company an agreed monetary amount in exchange for the opportunity to continue business as usual after termination or resignation. If this option is available, check this box and then the hiring company must enter the agreed amount into the lines in this section.If this option will not be available, the company representative must only check the second box in this section.

5 – Document The Ruling Jurisdiction

The next section requiring attention, “5. Jurisdiction” shall require the Preparer to report the areas (i.e. City, State or State) where the Recipient will be held accountable to the terms presented in this contract. Record the relevant location(s) on the blank space in this section’s statement.

6 – Each Participant Should Review This Contract And Settle On An Execution Date

When Preparer has completed all the written and checked portions of the document, each Signature Party must review the final product. When it is time for them to formally enter this agreement, “13. Entire Agreement” will need the exact Calendar Date of Execution recorded. Find the three blank spaces after the words “In Witness Whereof…,” then report the Two-Digit Calendar Day, Month, and Year of Execution utilizing these three spaces.

7 – The Company And Recipient Will Each Need To Satisfy The Execution Requirements

To Execute and enter this agreement, each participant will need to supply a binding signature. Two columns have been provided for this reason. The column on the left may only be satisfied by “The Company” while the column on the right may only be satisfied by the “Recipient.”The Company column contains three blank lines. On the blank space immediately under the words “The Company,” an Authorized Representative must sign his or her Name. The printed name of this Representative should be displayed directly below the signature and his or her Title should follow the Printed Name on the same line. An example of a Title held would be “Company Owner” or “Company Hiring Manager.” This entity will also need to supply the current Date on the last line in this column. It is strongly recommended that each Signature Party sign this document on the listed Execution Date.The column on the right shall require the attention of the Recipient in order to be satisfied. He or she will need to sign and print his or her Name then document the current Date. This should be done on the appropriately labeled blank lines (“Signature,” “Print Name,” Date”) under the heading “The Recipient.”