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Nevada Non-Compete Agreement Template

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The Nevada Non-Compete Agreement Template is a written tool developed to aid companies seeking to protect their standing by limiting and/restricting the actions of an individual who will be privy to confidential information. In today’s competitive market, a company would wish some assurance that a new hire or new partner will not simply use any of its trade secrets or operations in a way to promote a competitive business or even use such knowledge with one of its competitors. Such actions can have damaging effects. Thus, obtaining a promise from the new relationship that such actions will not be pursued can greatly assuage these reasonable security concerns. Furthermore, since this is a legal contract, in full compliance with the Nevada State Law (NRS 613.200), the Company can enforce its conditions or seek remedies in a court of law.

Naturally, while this is a re-usable template the language and structure has been developed to apply to nearly all business relationships, however, for it to apply to a specific one some information will need to be supplied. These items will pertain to tighten the definitions as to what precisely the issuing Company desires of the Recipient of this paperwork to allow the relationship to continue while enjoying the protection of seeing its secrets safeguarded from its competitors through the Recipient’s binding signature. Non-compete agreements between employers and employees are regularly enforced and may be entered into after termination of the employment relationship In New Jersey.


They may restrict the employee from competing in the same field as the employer as well as prevent the employee from disclosing information learned such as trade secrets, customer lists, secret formulas or processes or confidential information.

As of June 3, 2017, a non-compete cannot restrict a former employee from providing a service to a former customer or client if all the former employee did not solicit the former customer or client, the customer or client voluntarily left and sought the former employee’s services, the former employee complies with the non-compete agreements. All non-competes in Nevada must be supported by valuable consideration, reasonable in scope and duration.


LawsNRS 613.200

How to Write

1 – Obtain This Paperwork Directly From This Page

You will be able to quickly gain access to this form using the buttons beneath the preview image on the right. You have the option of either using a compatible software program to enter the information on-screen or printing it then filling it out manually. Make sure to leave ample time for a review by all signature parties before obtaining the each one’s signature. This file is available as a Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt).

2 – Identify The Participants Of This Agreement

The first paragraph will provide the framework necessary to introduce this document with the appropriate language. However, some attention will be required. Locate the heading “1. Purpose,” then fill in the Name of the Business that wishes to place limits on the recipient’s actions on the first blank line in this paragraph. 

On the next blank line, record the name of the individual the issuing Company wishes to sign and follow the terms listed in this paperwork.

3 – Define The Terms Limiting The Signature Party’s Actions

The next portion of this paperwork is titled “2. Non-Compete/Disclosure.” Here a checklist will be provided to describe a variety of actions the concerned Company may choose to forbid the recipient of this document from engaging in. Now, it is important this section is read through by the preparer. Each paragraph describing course of action the Company wishes the Recipient from participating in must be marked. Any check box not marked will not apply to this document and the recipient may pursue that action if desired.

If the Company does not wish the recipient of this contract to engage in Business Practices involving the same products and services distributed by the Company or represent any other similar business without Company consent, the paragraph labeled “Business Practices” should be marked.If the Company does not want the Recipient of this paperwork to contact or engage in any contact with similar businesses or clients (current or former) and refrain from soliciting similar businesses, the second check box should be marked just before the words “Clients/Customers”If the company wishes to obtain a promise where the Recipient will not participate in any Business Activity with any of the company’s competitors, the third check box (“General Competitors”) should be marked.The Company may specifically name competitors the Recipient may not conduct any business activity with using the blank lines in the “Specific Competitor(s)” paragraph. If so, and these entities’ names, have been provided, then mark the corresponding check box.The Company may choose to forbid the Recipient from hiring or working alongside with any current or former employees or contractors employed by the Company by marking the box labeled “Employees”

4 – The Time Period Of Effect Must Be Documented

The next task will be to name when the terms of this contract will take effect and for how long this effect will remain active. Locate the heading “3. Time Period,” then use the blank space in the statement beginning with “Recipient Warrant And Guarantees….” to enter how long this contract will remain in effect (i.e. One Year, One Year And Five Months, etc.). Next indicate when this effect shall begin. If this contract goes into effect immediately upon the Signature Date, then mark the first check box. If the terms here only go into effect upon the Termination of the Recipient’s Employment/Relationship with the Company, then mark the second check box.

5 – Indicate If A Purchase Option Is Available

This contract will provide the option for the Recipient to Purchase a release of all responsibility from its terms. Essentially, this will void the contract for a specific amount of money that must be named here for this option to apply. If the Company will allow the Recipient this option, then mark the first check box in the “4. Purchase Option” section and use the two blank lines to present the U.S. Dollar amount the Recipient must pay. Report this value literally then numerically. If this option will not be made available then, mark the second check box.

6 – Finalize This Paperwork By Supplying The Jurisdiction And Obtaining Participant Signatures

Locate the heading “5. Jurisdiction,” then enter the County/City/State where it is being executed. This is the Jurisdiction that will govern and possibly enforce this document.The next area requiring attention will be “13. Entire Agreement.” First, find the “In Witness Whereof …” statement then, record the Date this contract is being signed. Below this final statement will be two columns. The column with the heading “The Company” may only be tended to by the Company issuing this contract. This Company’s Authorized Representative must sign his or her Name on the first blank line, print his or her Name and Title on the second blank line, and enter the Date of Signature on the third blank line. Note: This Date must be the same one indicated in the “In Witness Whereof…” statement.Next, the party agreeing to these company terms must provide the items requested in the column under the heading “Recipient.” Here the Recipient must sign his or her Name on the “Signature” line, print his or her Name on the “Print Name” line, and enter the Date of Signature on the “Date” line.