Washington Non-Compete Agreement Template

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The Washington Non-Compete Agreement Template supplies a tool to deliver the terms and conditions to a Recipient intent on beginning a professional relationship with a Company that requires its Sensitive Information be held in confidence. This can be quite useful as the State of Washington’s statutes do not directly deal with terms of non-competition. Here, a contract can be used to name what actions the Company does not wish to engage in since, often, such actions represent a security risk relating to the Company’s standing in the market. For instance, suppose the Company hires a new manager for its factory floor. In this scenario, it would be devastating if the new manager then gained employment with a major competitor of this Company. The agreement presented here can (potentially) prevent such an occurrence provided its terms are set correctly.

As mentioned earlier, there is no statute or regulation governing non- compete agreements in the state of Washington. Non- Compete agreements entered on or after December 31, 2005 between broadcasters are void and unenforceable where the employee is terminated without just cause or because of involuntary termination.

Laws – None

How to Write

1 – The First Part Of This Agreement Will Focus On An Introduction

The Preparer of this paperwork will need to supplement the structure and language of this document will some necessary information for it to apply properly to the two signature parties entering this agreement. These identities will need to be solidified in the first paragraph of “1. Purpose.” Use the first empty line presented in this paragraph to report the Legal Name of the Company or Business Entity that wishes the Recipient to enter this agreement and the next available space to document Legal Name of the individual Recipient.

2 – The Next Topic Of Discussion Will Focus On The Company’s Preferences

The next task will focus upon the concerned Company’s directives for the Recipient regarding his or her actions after entering this relationship and gaining access to its Confidential Information. “2. Non-Compete/Disclosure” will provide the wording necessary to apply a variety of restrictions upon the Recipient’s conduct or behavior. Each statement here will have a check box preceding it. Only the checkbox statements that have been approved by both parties and marked by the Preparer will be considered applicable to the Recipient’s behavior. If a statement is left unmarked it will have no bearing on the Recipient’s obligations. To begin, the parties should review the checklist in “2. Non-Compete/Disclosure” and have a frank discussion.

If the Recipient is meant to limit his or her “Business Practices” by excluding any competition with the concerned Business’ products/services as per the first statement, mark the first check box to include it in this contract.The Company or Business Entity issuing this document may include the wording of the second statement as a restriction on the Recipient’s professional associates. Mark the second statement to prevent the Recipient from pursuing a professional relationship with the Company’s “Clients/Customers.”The third check box statement will issue a blanket restriction upon the Recipient regarding the issuing Business Entity’s competitors. Check the box corresponding to the “General Competitor(s)” statement to keep the Recipient restrained from engaging in professional relationships with such entities.If this document is meant to keep the Recipient from pre-determined competitors, then list the Legal Name (including any applicable suffix) of any such entity on the blank lines in the fourth statement and mark the check box just before the bold words “Specific Competitor(s).”The fifth statement shall act as a method to bind the Recipient of this agreement from engaging with the Company’s “Employees.” Keep in mind this can include a few different types of entities (i.e. partners, staff, contractors, etc.).

3 – The Time Period And Location The Company Requires These Rules In Place Must Be Addressed

The time period when the Recipient is expected to follow the Rules imposed by this paperwork will need to be clearly defined for the purposes of this agreement. That is, they cannot exist indefinitely, so they must apply at the appropriate period of time. First, in “3. Time Period,” declare how many months or years and months the conditions of this agreement will be active and applicable to the Recipient on the blank space in the first statement.Now, a definition as to when the start of this lifespan will go into Effect must be supplied. By checking one of the next two statements the exact Calendar Date when the Recipient must start complying with these conditions will be declared. Mark the first check box to name the Execution Date of this agreement as the first Calendar Date the Recipient must follow the Rules above or mark the second check box to declare the Calendar Date when the concerned Company and Recipient terminate their business relationship as the Start Date.This document can terminate in one of three ways; it may expire naturally, be terminated by the Business issuing it, or terminated by the Recipient through a payment. If the Company has determined it will accept a payment in exchange for releasing the Recipient from these terms, then locate the bold heading “4. Purchase Option” and check mark the first statement. After doing so, write out the payment amount just before the phrase “U.S. Dollars” in the first statement and enter it numerically in the parentheses after this phrase. If the Company will not allow this and wishes the terms to expire or terminate naturally, then leave the first statement blank and mark the second check box statement.The statement under the heading “5. Jurisdiction” will accept the region(s) where this document’s Rules will apply to the Recipient. List all such areas on the blank space in this statement. More than one areas may be listed on a separate document then attached if there is not enough room to record each applicable Jurisdiction.

4 – This Contract’s Official Execution Date Must Be Documented

The last section of this document, “13. Entire Agreement,” will contain a statement beginning with the wording “In Witness Whereof, The Parties Hereto Have Agreed And Signed…” The three blank spaces in this statement should be used to report the exact Calendar Date of this agreement’s Execution Date (DD/MONTH/YY).

5 – A Distinct Area For Each Party’s Signature Is Presented

The final task will be left up to the Signature Parties of this agreement. The Business issuing this contract will need to enter this agreement through a Signature in the column labeled “The Company.” The Authorized Representative of the Business must sign his or her Name on the first blank line here (labeled “Signature”). He or she must also print his or her Name and Title on the next line then, Date the signature provided on the blank line labeled “Date.”For the new relationship to enter this agreement, he or she will need to attend to the “Recipient” column to properly verify his or her intent to comply with this agreement’s terms. The Recipient must sign the “Signature” line, print his or her Name on the second line, then document the Date these items were provided on the last blank space (labeled “Date”).