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Alabama Power of Attorney Revocation Form

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Alabama Power of Attorney Revocation Form

Updated February 01, 2024

An Alabama Power of Attorney Revocation Form is a document that is used by a principal to cancel a previous power of attorney document. This is done by listing the name(s) of the agent(s), date of the previous document signed, and authorizing this record in front of a notary public. Afterward, it is very important that the agent notifies all major financial partners such as any banking institutions the principal is a part of, their primary care physician, or any other parties that should be aware that the previously signed power of attorney document is no longer valid.

Termination of Agent’s Authority

  1. Death of the principal;
  2. The principal’s revocation of the power of attorney or your authority;
  3. The occurrence of a termination event stated in the power of attorney;
  4. The purpose of the power of attorney is fully accomplished; or
  5. If you are married to the principal, legal action is filed with a court to end your marriage, or for your legal separation, unless the Special Instructions in this power of attorney state that such an action will not terminate your authority.

How to Write

1 – Download the Document

You may save this form directly from this page by clicking on one of the buttons below the image.

2 – Define the Revoked Power

The first item requiring definition is a multiple choice statement beginning with the words “Use of this form…” Utilize the checkboxes to define the Power of Attorney being revoked. You may choose “Health Care Powers,” “Financial Powers,” or “Other.” If you choose “Other,” you must report the exact type of Power of Attorney being revoked.

3 – Declare The Revocation of Power

The first paragraph will seek to define several pieces of information. Make sure you report these items precisely as they are recorded in the paperwork being discussed.

On the first blank line, following the word “I,” report the Name of the Principal who wishes to dissolve the relevant Agent’s Authority relevant to the Principal’s interest.

Locate the second blank line, following the phrase “…document titled.” Here, enter the Title of the Power of Attorney being revoked. This Title must be transcribed with the exact language on the document being cited.

Next, on the line containing with the words “…I previously executed…,” use the first, second, and third blank spaces provided to report the Signature Date by entering the Calendar Day, Month, and Year that appears on the Document to be Revoked

Locate the phrase “…which appointed.” On the blank space following this term, enter the Name of the Agent who currently holds authority in the concerned matter.

On the blank space preceding the phrase “as my alternate successor agent,” enter the Name of the Successor Agent as listed on the Document to be Revoked.

3 – Principal Verification

This Revocation must be Dated and Signed by the Principal committing to this action. This Signing must be Notarized and thus, must be Signed.


On the line beginning with the term “This revocation…,” report the Calendar Day, Month, and Year this form is being Signed by the Principal on the spaces provided.

The Principal must Sign his or her Name on the line labeled “Signature of Principal.”

On the line labeled “Print Name,” the Principal must Print his or her Name.

The last page of this document has been provided so the Signature may be conveniently Notarized. Only the Notary Public attending this Signing may fill in any of the information required on the page titled “Notary Acknowledgment”