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Arkansas Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Arkansas Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 06, 2023

An Arkansas limited power of attorney is a legal tool that grants powers to a trusted person for a specific act or event. The principal (the person granting the power) should be very specific about the power that he or she is granting to the agent so that it cannot be construed as broader powers than intended.

How to Write

1 – Save the Arkansas Limited Power of Attorney To Your Machine

This form should be opened and/or downloaded from this page utilizing the buttons beneath the image.

2 – Provide The Identity of Each Party

The first blank space will require the full Name of the Principal granting a specific or limited power. The Principal Should Sign his or her Name on this line then print his or her full name in parentheses

The second blank line has been provided to the Principal may report his or her Address

Next, after the term “…hereby appoint,” fill in the blank space with the Name of the Attorney-in-Fact or Agent who may act with Principal Authority in Principal Matters

3 – Define The Limited Power

Below the initial statement will be several blank lines (numbered 1 and 2). The Principal must report the specific matters the Agent may utilize Principal Authority in as well as the actions the Agent must take when utilizing such powers. If there is not enough room, then an attachment with the necessary information may be drawn up, signed, dated, and physically attached to this document. It is strongly recommended the Principal be extremely specific in this section. Note: The default effectiveness of this document is that it remains active until the Principal revokes it in writing

4 – Finalization

Locate the “In Witness Whereof…” statement, the Principal must enter the Date of Signing by providing the Calendar Date, Month, and Year he or she will provide a Signature.

At least Two Witnesses must supply their Signatures and Addresses on the spaces provided at the bottom of this document

Make sure that you keep the original in a safe place and that your agent has a copy.