Arkansas Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

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Updated December 22, 2021

An Arkansas real estate power of attorney form is a legal document that allows a principal who holds the title to real property to assign an attorney or agent the ability to refinance, manage or sell the property on their behalf. Because this document holds financial implications, it will require that the document be completed by the principal and signed before a state notary.


StatutesUniform Power of Attorney Act (§§ 28-68-101 — 28-68-406)

Signing Requirements (A.C.A. § 18-12-501; A.C.A. § 28-68-105) – Notary Public.

How to Write

1 – Download the Arkansas Real Estate Power of Attorney as a PDF, ODT, or Word File

You may find the buttons linking to the different file types this form is available in on the right of this page

2 – Principal’s Selection of Agent

In the top section of the page enter the complete name of the Principal (owner of Property)
Provide the Principal’s Mailing Address

Supply the Name of the City where the Principal lives after “City of”

Record the State where the Principal lives on the next blank space.

Enter the complete name of the selected Agent who will handle the Principal’s Real Estate matters with Principal Authority

Provide the Complete Mailing Address where the Agent may receive official notices sent to him or her regarding Principal matters

Report the City Name where the Agent’s Address has been recorded

Report the State Name where the Agent’s Address is located


2 – Article I – Assignment of Authority

The Principal is required to initial and check any or all of the powers that would indicate the wishes of the Principal regarding the allowable actions of their selected Agent:

If the Principal wishes to bestow authority to the Agent concerning Sales in Real Estate, then he or she must initial and check the first item. This paragraph requires the Property’s Address to be entered on the first blank space. The Property’s Legal Description will also need to be reported here (on the second blank line in this paragraph).If the Agent should have the power to Purchase Real Estate, the Principal should initial and check the second box. Also, the Address and Legal Description of said property should be entered onto the first and second blank spaces of this item’s description (respectively)If the Principal wishes to give the Agent Principal Authority in the Management of his or her Real Estate matters, the Principal must initial and check the third item. The paragraph will require the Address and Legal Description of the property this power may be applied to.

If the Agent is to have the authority to handle Refinancing on behalf of the Principal, the fourth checkbox must be initialed and checked by the Principal. Enter the Property’s Address on the first blank space in the paragraph then the Property’s Legal Description on the second blank space.

3 – Article III – Term

The Principal is required to establish this power of attorney’s period of effect by selecting, initialing and checking the appropriate box:

If this document’s period of effect will terminate on a specific date, the Principal must initial Choice “a,” then mark the box. This choice will require the precise Date of Expiration reported on the three blank spaces provided.

If the Principal wishes this document to remain in effect until his or her incapacity, death or renovation, then he or she must initial Choice “b” and mark the checkbox

If the Principal requires this document’s effect to stay active unless he or she revokes it or passes away, then he or she must initial and check Choice “c”

4 – Article VI – Revocation

All signatories must be present before a Notary Public – Enter the following:

The date of the execution of the document in dd/mm/yyyy format
The Principal must provide their signature and printed name.

The Agent must enter their signature and printed name

There will be two sections for Witnesses: Affirmation by Witness 1 and Affirmation by Witness 2. Each Witness will have to enter his or her Name in the paragraph then Sign and Print their respective Names at the bottom of the paragraph. Make sure each party will have its own Affirmation Statement

The acknowledgment of a State Notary Public will be required. Only the Notary Public may fill out the Notary Acknowledgement sectionThe Agent will also need to supply a physical acknowledgment of this responsibility by signing and printing his or her name in the section titled “Acceptance By Agent.”