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Arizona Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

An Arizona durable (financial) power of attorney is a document that allows a person ("principal") to give another person ("agent") decision-making power regarding financial matters. The form is especially useful if the principal can no longer make decisions for themselves due to mental instability.
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Signing Requirements

The principal must sign with one witness and a notary public. The witness cannot be the agent, the agent’s spouse, children, or the notary public.[1]

Required Language

Every durable power of attorney must contain the following language to illustrate the principal’s intent:[2]

This power of attorney is not affected by subsequent disability or incapacity of the principal or lapse of time.


This power of attorney is effective on the disability or incapacity of the principal.


The death of the principal or the authorization of a revocation form by the principal cancels and terminates a power of attorney document.[3]

Statutory Form

There is no statutory form in Arizona. However, the statutes recognize the creation and validity of a durable power of attorney document.[4]