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Colorado Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form DR 2175)

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Colorado Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form DR 2175)

Updated June 02, 2022

A Colorado motor vehicle power of attorney (Form DR-2175) is the paperwork that a vehicle owner completes and submits to appoint a designee to handle matters involving title, registration, or liens of a motor vehicle. This form is promulgated by the laws set forth in C.R.S. 15-14-701 and C.R.S 15-14-705.

How to Write

1 – Prepare The Documentation

Open or download this form using the displayed buttons beneath the preview image. Make sure you have the correct information for the Grantor, Appointee, and Vehicle ready.

2 – Identify The Grantor

The Vehicle Owner or Grantor must be identified on the first blank of this form. The Name must appear as it does on the Grantor’s Identification.

3 – Identify The Appointee

The person who will be appointed Authority over the concerned Vehicle must also be identified on this form. Enter the full Name of the Appointee using the blank lines following the word “Appoint.”

4 – Identify The Applicable Powers

The granted Authority will need to be defined on this form by use of a checklist. This presentation will take the form of eight statements each with a corresponding checkbox. The Principal Grantor of these powers over the Vehicle will need to check each box so the Appointee may act with the stated Authority.

If the Appointee may apply for and receive a New Registration or apply for and receive a New Temporary Registration, then mark the first box.

If the Vehicle Owner/Grantor approves of the Appointee applying for and receiving a Certificate of Title, then he or she must mark the second checkbox.

If the Vehicle Owner/Grantor wishes to give the Appointee Principal Power in applying for and receiving Duplicate Certificate of Title, then mark the third box. (NOTE: Original Titles issued on or after July 1, 2006, will require Identification)

If the Appointee may transfer ownership and is acknowledge the odometer reading on behalf of the Grantor, then mark the fourth box.

In order to give the Appointee power to record a lien, mark the fifth box.

The Appointee may release a lien if the sixth box is marked.

The Grantor may give the Appointee the power to apply and receive motor vehicle record copies on his or her behalf by marking the seventh box.

The Appointee will have the power to receive Persons with Disability Parking Privilege placards on behalf of the Principal if the eighth box is marked.

The Termination Date of the powers being granted through this form must be defined on the three blank spaces presented in the “Termination Date Required” section.”

5 – Identify the Vehicle

The Vehicle the Appointee will have power over must be defined on this form in the next section. A one-row table has been supplied to this end.

Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the first box then enter the Year, Make, and Model in the next three boxes.

6 – Grantor Signature

Each Grantor bestowing power must print and sign his or her Name, then enter the Date this form is being signed. 

The Grantor(s) must provide his or her credentials with the Signature. To begin, enter the type of I.D. being supplied by marking the box labeled “Colorado DL,” “Colorado ID,” or “Other,” to enter the Grantor’s Driver’s License Number, State I.D. Number, or another form of I.D. If “Other” is selected, define the type of ID being submitted on the blank line provided.

Next, in the “ID#” box, report the Identification Number as it is recorded on the Grantor’s Identification then enter the Expiration Date of the ID and the Grantor’s Birth Date in the boxes labeled “Expires” and “DOB” (respectively).

The Final Section of this form will require the attention of the Notary Public serving this signing. Make sure this entity fills in all the required information, provides his or her credentials, and notarizes this signing with his or her seal.