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Colorado Parental (Minor Child) Power of Attorney Form

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Colorado Parental (Minor Child) Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 06, 2023

A Colorado parental (minor child) power of attorney grants a relative or close friend the ability to make decisions and care for a person’s children on their behalf should they be away and unable to make decisions for them. This form is only valid for a maximum of 12 months. Pursuant to CRS 15-14-105 the chosen guardian will have the power to make any decisions, except the power to consent to marriage or adopt.

How to Write

1 – Access the Colorado Parental (Minor Child) Power of Attorney

This file is available through the buttons on the right labeled by file type. You may open this form and work on it onscreen with an up-to-date browser or compatible software. You may also print this form.

2 – Supply The Heading With Required Information

Locate the words “County of” near the top left-hand corner of the page. Report the County where this document is executed.

3 – Appoint The Guardian

On the line labeled “Name(s) of Guardian(s),” enter the Full Name of each Guardian being given Authority over the child(ren) this document is focused on.

The line labeled “Address of Guardian(s),” enter the Complete Address of each Guardian being granted Authority.

4 – Identify the Child The Guardian Will Care For

The main paragraph will supply the wording necessary for this document, however, it will require some attention. Locate the first empty line, then enter the Name of each child the Guardian will assume Principal Responsibility for and Principal Authority over.

Find the next blank line, following the words “…a period not exceeding,” then enter the maximum number of Months the Guardian will retain Parental Authority over the child.

Locate the words, “…shall terminate on,” then produce the last Calendar Date the Guardian will retain Parental Authority.

5 – Providing Consent And Granting Authority

Beneath the main body of this form will be an area for the Parents to Sign their Names and provide the Date of Signature. This section area must be satisfied by the Parent(s) granting Authority to the Guardian. At least one Parent Sign this document.

Locate the empty line on the left. Enter the Date this form is being signed by the Parent(s).

If applicable the Mother must sign her Name on the blank line labeled “Signature of Mother.”

If applicable the Father must sign his Name on the blank line labeled “Signature of Father.”
The words “Accepted by,” will apply to the Guardian(s) receiving this authority. Each Guardian listed in the body of this document must provide a signature.

On the line labeled “Signature of Guardian,” the individual being given Guardian Authority over the child must sign his or her Name. Then, on the line adjacent to this, the Guardian must supply his or her Address.

The area beginning with the words “Subscribed and sworn to before me on” will apply to the Notary Public who shall notarize this authority at execution. This is the only party that may complete this area.