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Washington D.C. Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

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Washington D.C. Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Updated March 05, 2024

A Washington D.C. minor power of attorney, also known as a “custodial” power of attorney, allows a parent to select someone else to make everyday life-caring decisions for their child.  This is often given when the child is being placed in the care of a family member or nanny. The selected person, or agent, will have the power to assist the child by enrolling and picking them up from school in addition to making decisions on medical procedures.

Official Powers Granted

  • Enroll the child in school;
  • Obtain from the school educational and behavioral information about the child;
  • Consent to all school-related matters regarding the child; and
  • Consent to medical, psychological, or dental treatment for the child.