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Florida Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

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Florida Revocation of Power of Attorney Form is used to terminate a previously executed power of attorney. It is important to realize that even if you sign a revocation, it is not effective until all the concerned third parties know about the revocation. It is, therefore, important that you inform your financial institutions and others that may be relying on the original, that it is no longer in effect and provide them with a copy of the revocation.

Laws§ 709.2110

How to Write

1 – Gather All Paperwork Then Review It

First, make sure you have a copy of the attorney document being revoked. The information on that document and this revocation must match precisely. When you are ready, select the “PDF,” “Word,” or “ODT” button to obtain the revocation template

2 – Revocation Matter

In the first portion of this document, you will need to select the type of Authority Issuance that must be revoked. This definition may be provided by marking the appropriate check box. Three choices are available to define the Authority being revoked: Health Care Powers, Financial Powers, or Other. Notice there will be a blank line after “Other.” If the Authority being revoked is neither Health Care Powers or Financial Powers, then mark “Other” and use the blank line to provide a specific definition.


3 – Identify The Principal Revoking The Previous Authority

The Principal who has issued the previous Authority is typically the party that will be revoking it through this document. Enter the name of the Principal wishes the concerned Power Document revoked. 

4 – Provide The Details Of The Document Being Revoked

Enter the title of the document to be revoked via the Principal Signature Power of this revocation form on the blank space after the word “…titled.”Next, locate the Execution Date of the Power Document being revoked then, enter this date by supplying the Calendar Date of the Month on the first blank space after the term “…executed on the,” the Month of that document’s Execution Date on the space after the word “of,” and the two-digit Year that document was executed in on the space following “20.” It is imperative that you identify the Agent whose Principal Authority is being revoked. The Name of this entity must be recorded on the blank space after the word “…appointed” precisely as it is reported on the Authority Document being revoked.
Many Power of Attorneys will name an Alternate or Successor Agent. If the concerned document names such a party, then report the Name of the Alternate Agent whose (potential) Principal Power will be revoked by this paperwork.

5 – Enacting This Document Through The Power of the Principal’s Signature

In order to properly verify the previously issued Authority Document is indeed to be revoked by the Principal who has issued it, this Principal will need to provide some items to verify his or her Identity and Intent.

Report the Date the Principal is signing this paperwork using the spaces provided to report the Calendar Date, Month, and Year. The Principal must sign his or her Name on the same Date as the one listed above on the line labeled “Signature of Principal”The Principal’s Full Name must be clearly presented in Print on the space labeled “Print Name.”Once the Notary Public has recorded the Principal’s identification and has witnessed the Principal’s signature on this revocation form, the Notary Public shall then complete the document with the required information. The notarization shall be completed with the Notary’s official seal. No other party may credibly fill in this section.