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Iowa Power of Attorney for Minor Child (Parental) Form

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Iowa Power of Attorney for Minor Child (Parental) Form

Updated June 06, 2023

An Iowa power of attorney for minor child (parental) enables parents or guardians to provide proper and complete care for minor(s) by appointing a temporary guardian attorney-in-fact who may act with the same authority as the issuing parent or current guardian.  This document may be revoked at any time through a written revocation issued to the attorney-in-fact by the principal. When supplying this document with information, it is crucial supply all the requested information accurately.

How to Write

1 – This Form Is Available Below The Image

Select one of the buttons below the image to open this form. Make sure you have the appropriate software program if you intend to work on it onscreen. Otherwise, you may open and Print the PDF form with most updated software browsers.

2 – Clearly Identify The Minor At The Focus Of This Power Of Attorney

Each section in this form will require a specific set of facts to be reported. The first section will need the Legal Name of the Minor entered on the first blank line. The second, third, and fourth blank line should have the Named Minor’s Birth Date written out as a Calendar Day, Calendar Month, and Calendar Year.

3 – Each Parent (or Co-Guardian) Responsible For The Minor’s Welfare Should Be Documented

This statement will continue to require the Legal Name of the Parent or Current Guardian recorded on next blank space. The Parent or Current Guardian must be defined so either check the first box (“Parent”) or the second box (“Court Appointed Guardian) to apply the correct title to this entity. Once these facts have been presented, you will need to supply the blank space after the words “…a street address of” with the Building Number, Street Name, and (if applicable) Suite Number. Enter the City and State for this Street Address on the final two blank spaces in this statement. If there are two Parents or Court Appointed Guardians the second one will need to provide his or her approval as well. This may only be done if he or she is associated with the required language of this document at the time of signing. Locate the area beneath the statement “if co-guardian/parent exists” in parentheses should be used to provide such information if a Parent or Co-Guardian is involved with the Minor. Enter the Name of a Co-Parent/Co-Guardian, mark the box to indicate his or her role (“Parent” or “Court Appointed Guardian”) then, deliver his or her Street Address, City, and State in the appropriate spaces.

4 – The Individual To Be Designated As The Minor’s Guardian Must Be Recorded

Section II shall start with the words “I/We hereby appoint.” The Legal Name of the Attorney-in-Fact that will assume Guardianship over the Minor must be presented on the blank space following these words. It will also be necessary to report how the Attorney-in-Fact is related to the Minor on the second blank space in this section. Finally, the last three empty spaces require the Street Address, City, and State where the named intended Guardian resides.


5 – The Areas Where The Guardian May Act With Authority Should Be Reported

The next section will present two choices meant to describe how the Minor’s intended Guardian should act. If this entity will have the same Authority and decision-making Power as that of the Parent or current Guardian, the Parent/Current Guardian must initial the blank space and check the box in Choice A.If the intended Guardian is only being designated with Authority in certain areas concerning the Minor, the Parent/Current Guardian should initial the blank space and mark the box in Choice B. Additionally, a description of what the intended Guardian will be empowered to do through this paperwork’s execution should be described on the blank lines after the words “Only the authority to,” in Choice B.

6 – The Time Period When The Guardian May Use Principal Authority Must Be Defined

Section IV seeks a report on the time period when this paperwork’s Effect is valid and should be recognized. This will be handled through a declaration statement. First, locate the statement that begins with “This power of attorney document…” in Section IV. Then utilize the first three blank spaces to enter the Calendar Date (day/month/year) to report the first day the intended Guardian may act as such. Then, using the last three spaces, after the words “…and end on the,” report the last Calendar Date (day/month/year) when this paperwork’s Effect of assigning Authority should be considered active. The intended Guardian will, therefore, only be able to use the Authority defined in the previous section in regard to the Minor named in this document.


7 – Each Parent/Current Guardian

This paperwork will only deliver the Guardian Powers defined in it to the intended Guardian if it is signed by each Parent/Current Guardian involved with the Minor. There will be enough room for two individuals to satisfy this requirement.

Locate the labels “Parent/Court Appointed Guardian Signature,” “Print Name,” and “Date.” There will be two sets of these labels. One Parent/Court Appointed Guardian must provide his or her Signature, Printed Name, and Date of Signature in one set. This paperwork will make similar requirements for two additional party types. The next one will be the “Acceptance by Attorney-in-Fact” section where the intended Guardian must Sign and Print his or her Name then enter the Date of his or her Signature using the blank lines labeled “Attorney-in-Fact’s Signature,” “Print Name,” and “Date.”The next party to contribute to the proper execution of this paperwork will be that of the Witness. There will be two paragraphs, titled “Affirmation By Witness 1” and “Affirmation by Witness 2,” so that each Witness will be able to provide his or her testimony in a separate defined area. Each Witness will need to print the Name of the Principal in the Affirmation Statement, then Sign and Print his or her Name in the spaces provided. Finally, each Witness must provide the Date of Signature when he or she signed this document.

The Final Party required for this paperwork’s execution is the Notary Public. The “Notary Acknowledgment” section has been supplied exclusively for the use of this signing’s Notary Public. The Signature Parties will need to coordinate with the Notary Public so that he or she may notarize this document properly.