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Indiana Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Indiana Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 06, 2023

An Indiana limited power of attorney grants authority to one person (the agent) on another person’s (a principal) behalf to complete a specific action for a limited period of time. As with all POAs, it is important that the principal knows and trusts the agent. In addition, it is important that the document clearly specifies the transaction and time period so it can’t be read to grant broader powers than intended.

How to Write

1 – Obtain The Form To Fill Out

The form required for this issuance of Power is available through the buttons below the image on the right. Open and download it when you are ready to work on it.

2 – Fill In The Requested Information Accurately

Utilize the first two blank lines of this form to enter the Full Name (First, Middle, and Last Name) and Complete Residential Address of the Principal. This must be recorded exactly as it is documented in the Principal’s official business.

The next blank space in this paragraph must have the Attorney-in-Fact’s First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name declared in Print.

3 – Record The Exact Limited Powers To Be Granted To The Attorney-in-Fact

There will be enough space to declare two separate items of Principal Authority that will be designated to the Attorney-in-Fact. You may use the blank lines after each number to record such instructions, however, if more space is required, you should continue the Principal Instructions on a separate attachment. Make sure any such Attachment is properly Titled.

5 – Principal Declaration

The Principal must enter the Date he or she is signing this document then sign his or her Name in the presence of two Witnesses.

There will be two blank lines, each for a Witness, where a Witness must sign his or her name. To the right of this will be an area where the Signature Principal may record his or her Address.