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Massachusetts Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

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Massachusetts Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Massachusetts guardian of minor power of attorney form can be used to assign guardianship for your child in case you become unable to care for him or her. This form is governed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 190B, Section 5-202. The person must be informed and willing to assume the role if the need arises.  The language in this paperwork will allow your agent to make parental decisions on behalf of your children once the issuing parent(s) or guardian(s) signs it.

How to Write

1 – Open The Paperwork To Set Up A Guardian Appointment

Locate the document preview image then click the button below it. This will open the form in your browser (unless you have the compatible software set up to open forms). If you have compatible software or a form friendly browser, you may enter information directly to the form on the screen. If not, print this form then fill it out with a typewriter or by hand. Use blue or black ink if filling this out by hand.

2 – Record The Principal and Attorney-in-Fact’s Identities And Locations

This document already has the language and wording needed to appoint a Guardian or Attorney-in-Fact over a minor. The only people who may grant such an appointment will be the Parents of the Child or the Current Guardian of the Child. If two parents are involved, each one should fill out a separate form.

On the first blank space (directly below the words “MA Chapter 190B Article 5 – Section 50201”), provide the Parent’s Full Name. If the individual issuing this form is a Legal Guardian over the Minor, then enter the Full Name of the current Legal Guardian on this line. Now, on the second space (after the words “whose address is”), record the Complete Address for the Parent or Guardian reported on the first space. The word “appoint” shall act as the declaration necessary for this document’s effect. Immediately after this word, enter the Full Name of the individual intended to be the future Guardian of the Minor concerned.

3 – Document The Minor’s Information

The next area requiring attention will be two check boxes after the words “…care, custody, property, support, education, medical treatment, discipline, and entertainment of my…” If the individual issuing this document is a Parent then mark the box labeled “child.” If the individual granting Authority over the Minor is a Legal Guardian (of any sort) then mark the box labeled “ward.”

Next, enter the Child (or Minor’s) Full Name on the blank space preceding the term “born on.”

Use the two spaces after the term “born on,” to record, first the Month and Day of the Minor’s Birthday then, on the second space, the Year the Minor was born.

4 – The Current Guardian Must Date And Sign This Document To Execute It

The last statement of this form is meant to solidify its Execution Date. This shall be considered the first day the new Guardian may assume his or her role with the child (unless otherwise indicated). Use the three blank spaces following the term “Dated this…” to enter the Calendar Day, Month, and Year this form is being signed. The Parent or Guardian issuing this form is required to sign this document on the same day as the Signature or Execution Date just reported. The blank line labeled “Signature” is reserved for this purpose and must be signed by the Parent or Guardian issuing this form. Directly below the Signature line will be a defined area for the Notary Public serving this signing. This area should not be filled out by any other party. Make sure it is fully satisfied after notarization.