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Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated January 08, 2023

A Massachusetts motor vehicle power of attorney form is a form used to designate a person to represent another person in matters related to titling and registration at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. This is a type of limited power of attorney that pertains to motor vehicles only. This paperwork will allow the vehicle owner to be either a private citizen or a business entity. In either case, someone with the legal right to control the concerned vehicle must sign it. Typically, this is the owner, however, in the case of a business entity, it may be an authorized representative (such as the business owner or an officer).

How to Write

1 – Access The Vehicle Form On This Page

Open the form required to grant Principal Authority over a Vehicle to an Agent. As the buttons on this page indicate, you may choose to obtain this form as a PDF, ODT, and/or Word File.

2 – Supply The Statement Of Principal Intent With The Required Items

The Name of the Vehicle Owner should be entered on the blank line labeled “Company Name or Individual.” As this label implies, the Principal granting Power may be a person or a business entity.  The next empty line must have the Name of the Agent or Attorney-in-Fact entered on the blank line after the words “…gives to.”After making sure the last page of this form concerning the Vehicle has been satisfied, the Principal Vehicle Owner must sign his or her Name on the blank line after the words “Signed By.”

3 – Categorize The Principal

The statements following the bold word “Note” will require some information to define the Vehicle Owner. If the Vehicle Owner is an individual then report this individual’s “Date of Birth” using the three blank spaces (just after the words “Date of Birth”). Following this, report this individual’s “Social Security Number” in the next area. 

If the Vehicle Owner is a Business Entity, then enter this entity’s “FEIN” on the blank line labeled “Federal ID Number.”The next area must be tended to by a Notary Public. It will begin with the words “State of Massachusetts” and continue until the end of the page.

4 – Professional Verification Must Be Obtained

The final page will be up to the qualified Professional examining the Vehicle. He or she will need to enter information regarding the Vehicle they are inspecting and verifying along with his or her credentials and the Address of Inspection. The list below the table provided for the Inspecting Technician will be a list of vehicle safety issues that he or she will need to determine the status of.