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Maryland Guardian of Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

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Maryland Guardian of Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Maryland guardian of minor child power of attorney is a form you can use to ensure your kids are cared for in the event that you become unable to care for them. This form allows you to choose someone you trust to be the children’s temporary guardian and to make decisions related to health education or travel when you can’t be there. This might be useful in the event of military deployment or long-term hospitalization or other instance when you can’t be there for your children.

How to Write

1 – Open The Guardian Designation Paperwork On This Page

This form is accessible through the buttons below the image. You may open or download the PDF with a form friendly browser or you may download it as an ODT or Word file. So long as you have the appropriate software program you may edit any of these files once they are saved.

2 – Document The Name Of The Parent/Current Guardian, Concerned Minor, And Intended Guardian

The first paragraph will need to give the identities of the parties involved with this appointment of Power. The first individual(s) to be named will be those that currently hold Authority over the Minor or Child. This may either be the Parent(s) or Current Legal Guardian(s) of the minor being discussed. Enter the Name of the Mother/Father/Current Legal Guardian on the first blank line in this paragraph.  

The second blank space in this initial paragraph will name the Identity of the Minor or Child this delegation of Power is relevant to. Enter the Name of each Minor or Child this paperwork is relevant to on the blank space preceding the words “My Child.”

On the third blank space, record the Legal Name of the individual who will assume Guardian Powers over the named Minor/Child because of this document’s execution.

In the second paragraph, a Successor Guardian may be named. The Successor Guardian is an individual who will assume the full Guardian role if the intended Guardian cannot. Enter the Full Name of the Intended Guardian on the first blank line in the second paragraph then, enter the Full Name of the Successor Guardian on the second blank line in the second paragraph.

3 – The Guardian Powers Delegated Through This Paperwork

Once the identities of all the relevant parties have been identified, the Parent or Principal Guardian will need to review the numbered list of Guardian Powers. The Parent or Principal Guardian may withhold any of these powers from the intended Guardian by simply crossing out such a statement or deleting it entirely. Only the delegations present on this form at the time of the Parent/Principal Guardian signing will be considered part of the Guardian Authority being appointed.

Statement Number One, “Education,” will define what Guardian Powers may be wielded concerning the child’s academic life. Any of the Powers defined here will be granted to the intended Guardian unless they are deleted or crossed out.

Statement Number Two will address the Authority the intended Guardian may use in terms of “Travel.” The intended Guardian will be able to engage in any of these actions with the Minor/Child by default, however, any of these actions may be withheld from the Primary guardian if their definitions are crossed out.

Statement Number Three will define Guardian’s abilities and Power when it comes to the child’s “Health Care.” The Principal should go through this statement and either leave it unaltered or cross out the parts that should not be included with the Guardian’s delegation of Power.

4 – Additional Instructions Regarding These Powers

The second page of this document will begin with a set of blank lines the Parent/Principal Guardian may use to provide any conditions or provisions that should be applied to the designation of the intended Guardian’s Principal Power. If no such Parent/Principal Guardian Instructions exist, write the word “none.”

5 – The Parent or Principal Guardian’s Statement Of Intent

The Parent or Principal Guardian will need to make one final Statement of Intent. Locate the paragraph that begins with the words “It is my intent and desire…” then enter the Full Name of the intended Guardian on the first blank space and the Full Name of the Successor Guardian (if one has been declared) on the second blank space.6 – The Required Signature Parties Must Sign This Paperwork

The Parent/Principal Guardian must sign this form immediately after the paragraph beginning with the words “Notwithstanding the foregoing…” This should be done on the blank line in the lower left-hand part of this page. After the signing, the Principal must Print his or her Name then enter the Date of Signature.The column in the lower right (under the word “Witness”) will require the Signature, Printed Name, and Signature Date of each Witness.

The next page, with the heading “State of Maryland To Wit,” will require the attention of a Notary Public who is serving this signing to notarize the Principal act of signing.

Finally, on the last page, “Acceptance of Designation As Guardian For Minor And Child,” will require several pieces of information. Begin by entering the Full Name of the intended Guardian on the first blank line. Then on the second blank line, record the Name of the Minor or Child. Finally, on the third blank line after the words “…mother/father” enter the Full Name of the Parent or Principal Guardian.Next, enter the Full Name of the Minor, just after the words “…Guardian of the person and property of”The next blank space, after the words “…in such capacity at any time,” enter the name of the Successor Guardian.In the bold statements of this paragraph, several more pieces of information will need to be supplied. These spaces will require the Name of the Principal Guardian (or Parent) on the three blank lines following the words “(i) the death of,” “(ii) such time as,” and “(iii) such time as.” Then on the blank space following the words.

On the blank spaces following the term “…is otherwise unavailable to care for,” enter the Name of the Minor or Child.Also, on the last blank space in this paragraph, enter the name of the Minor or Child.

Below this Paragraph, the intended Guardian will need to sign his or her Name on the blank line in the lower right. This should be followed by his or her Full Name printed out and the Date of the new Primary Guardian’s Signature.


The column in the lower left has been reserved so that two Witnesses may Sign and Print their Names. Beneath the provided Signature and Printed Name, each Witness must report the Date he or she signed this form.