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Maryland Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VR-470)

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Maryland Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VR-470)

Updated June 02, 2022

A Maryland motor vehicle power of attorney, or ‘Form VR-470’, is a document you can file with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration when you wish to have someone act on your behalf with regard to your motor vehicle. You may download it through this page, fill it out (accurately), then submit it to the MVA at your convenience.

How to Write

1 – The Motor Vehicle Administration Form VR-470(04-15) Should Be Opened

Use the buttons below the Form VR-470 preview image to open a copy of this form, then download it to your machine. You may work on it onscreen with a form friendly browser then print it, but generally, it is a good idea to keep a blank copy for your records.

2 – Provide The Required Vehicle Owner Submission Prior To Submission

This form will organize its information utilizing three separate tables. The first will seek some basic information regarding the Principal or Vehicle Owners.        The first box in this table will need the First, Middle, and Last Name of the Principal who is granting Authority over his or her Vehicle. The first box in the next row shall require the Vehicle Owner’s (or Principal) Residential Address as it is recorded with the MVAS. This row will only require the first part of this Address. That is, enter the Building Number, Street Name, and any Applicable Unit Number in the Principal’s Home Address. The first box in the last row will require the completion of this Address. Enter the City, State, and Zip Code in the Principal’s Address.  If there is a second Vehicle Owner or Co-Owner, his or her information will need to be reported in column two of this table. You may record the First, Middle, and Last Name of the Co-Owner on the first box in the second column. Then, in the second column, record the Street Address of the Vehicle’s Co-Owner. Finally, the row in the second column will call for the City, State, and Zip Code in the Co-Owner’s Home Address.

3 – Record The Agent’s Information For MVA Records

The next table, below the words “Power of Attorney Granted To,” will deliver an organized method to document the Agent information for the individual being granted Principal Power over the Vehicle in question.

The First, Middle and Last Name of the Agent (who will wield Principal Power over the Vehicle) must be reported on the first row of this table. The next row must have the Agent’s Residential Street Address. This should be composed of the Agent’s Building Number, Street Name, and Unit Number. The third row in this table will need to have the City, State, and Zip Code in the Agent’s Residential Street Address reported.

4 – The Vehicle That Will Transfer In Power of Authority Must Be Adequately Defined

Locate the “Vehicle Information” table. Here, we must report the Vehicle’s specifications. Thus, record the Make of the Vehicle in the first column, the Vehicle’s Body Type in the second column, the Model Year in the third column, the Vehicle Identification Number in the fourth Column, and the Vehicle’s Title Number in the last column.

5 – Each Owner Granting Power To The Agent(s) Named Above Must Sign This Form

The bottom of this form will require the Signature and Signature Date provided by the Vehicle’s Owner entered in the areas designated as “Owner’s Signature” and “Date.”If a Co-Owner has been reported above, then he or she must Sign and Date the areas designated as “Co-Owner’s Signature” and “Date.”