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Maine Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Maine Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Maine limited power of attorney is a legally binding document that allows a person to tailor their needs to a specific situation or transaction. Although it is similar to other POAs in granting authorities to another person, it is different because it is used in a limited capacity or specific situation. Sometimes people use a form such as this if they want someone to act for them in a real estate transaction.

How to Write

1 – The Template Required To Issue This Authority Should Be Gained Through This Page

The form required to designate a limited amount of Principal Authority should be opened using the “PDF,” “ODT,” or “Word” buttons on this page. The file may also be saved once it is opened. Typically, this is recommended as a matter of good record keeping

2 – The Parties And Powers Involved Must Be Accurately Documented

There will be several blank spaces in the text on this form. The first blank space is reserved so that you may present the Principal’s Legal Name. This is the individual who will grant a limited amount of Power to another person in his or her affairs. The second blank space is the area where you must enter the Principal’s Complete Residential Address. Make sure this is composed of a Building Number, Street/Road/Route etc., Suite Number (if applicable), City, State, and Zip Code. Since this initial statement is where the Principal will formally declare the appointment of the Agent, enter the Agent’s Full Name on the blank space after the word “appoint” and before the words “my true…”Once the parties involved have been successfully and accurately identified above, it will be time to document the Principal’s wishes. You may do this by utilizing the blank lines labeled “1” and “2.” In cases where this is not enough room, you may also use a compatible software program to add more blank lines or you may simply print an attachment then secure it to this form before the Principal signs it.

3 – The Dated Signature Of The Principal Must Be Witnessed

Lastly, using the empty spaces in the statement “In Witness whereof, this…” enter the Signature Date. Make sure to enter the components of this date on the appropriate blank spaces. The Principal must Sign his or her Name immediately after this statement. Below the Dated Signature of the Principal will be two columns so the Signature and Address of two Witnesses may be provided. Each Witness will need to sign his or her Name on a unique line under the word “Witnesses” then supply his or her Address in the corresponding area below the word “Address.”