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Maine Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Maine Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated January 19, 2023

A Maine motor vehicle power of attorney allows one person to designate another person to represent them with the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles. This is used in the event the former needs someone to handle the titling or registration of their vehicle.

How to Write

1 – The Authority Paperwork To Designate Principal Power Must Be Gained On This Form

The buttons near the image on this page will open a PDF, ODT, or Word version of this document. You may use any of them to open then download this paperwork to fill out.

2 – A Formal Statement Of Declaration Must Be Completed

To give an individual the same Authority over a Vehicle as the Vehicle Owner, the Principal Vehicle Owner will need to make a statement as such. This statement is provided as the first paragraph. Enter the Name of the Principal Vehicle Owner on the blank line labeled “Company Name or Individual” To complete this statement, the Full Name of the individual being empowered with the same Principal Authority as the Vehicle Owner must be entered on the second blank line.

3 – The Grantor Of Principal Power Will Verify The Declaration Of Power Designation

In order for this document to be verified as authentic, the Principal Vehicle Owner (or an Agent of an entity that owns the Vehicle) must sign his or her Name. This will validate the Principal’s intent on giving the Agent Authority. This signature may be provided on the blank line labeled “Duly Authorized Officer or Company or Individual” just after the words “Signed By.” Note: It is strongly recommended to fill out the entire document to fully Identify Owner and Vehicle before signing this line.

4 – Supply The Granting Principal Party Information

The area below the Signature Line will require some identification information relating to the Principal Vehicle Owner. To fulfill these requirements one of the two statements after the bold word “Note” should be filled out.

If the Principal is an individual, the first statement after the word “Note” should be filled out. This statement (“If this Power of Attorney is an individual’s name…”) will require the Birth Day of the Principal Vehicle Owner filled onto the first three spaces set in Date format (dd/mm/yy). The next required piece of information is the Principal Vehicle Owner’s Social Security Number which must be entered on the next three blank spaces.If the Principal Vehicle Owner is a Business entity, then locate the statement beginning with “If this Power of Attorney is in a Company Name…” and enter the Principal Vehicle Owner’s Federal Identification Number on the blank space provided.

5 – Notarize This Signature As It Is Being Provided

The Notary Public serving this Authority Appointment will have an area to supply the requirements of the Notarization process. As mentioned earlier, this form should be completed before signing. This will likely be a requirement of the Notary Public as well.6 – The Vehicle Description Must Be Provided By A Licensed Technician

The last page of this issuance is strictly for the use of a Certified Technician, qualified to inspect vehicles. This page may not be filled out by any other type of entity. He or she will report the Address of Inspection along with the Year, Make, Model, Style, VIN #, and Odometer reading to the Vehicle. In addition, he or she will enter the Owner’s Name and Address, the inspection Station’s Name and Address, his or her Signed and Printed Name and Certified Technician Number. The list below the area where this is reported will also be tended to by this party.