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Michigan Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form (TR-128)

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Michigan Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form (TR-128)

Updated August 23, 2022

A Michigan motor vehicle power of attorney form (TR-128), also known as the “Appointment Of Agent For A Vehicle, Watercraft Or Mobile Home,” is a form used to appoint an agent to represent you in the sale, titling, or registration of a vehicle. This is a type limited power of attorney that pertains to vehicles that you own or have full authority over. Only the owner of the vehicle in question may have this form issued.

How to Write

1 – Open The Vehicle Power Appointment

The form where a Principal Vehicle Owner may give his or her Principal Powers to an Agent should be opened by clicking one of the buttons (PDF, Word, Or ODT) supplied on this page. Make sure you have the appropriate reference material regarding the Vehicle, its Owner, and the Agent who will be appointed with Power available.

2 – Designate The Agent With Principal Authority Over The Vehicle

Enter the Full Name of the Designated Agent on the empty line labeled “Agent’s Name.”

Next, document the Designated Agent’s Complete Residential Address on the empty line labeled “Agent’s Address.”

The Designated Agent must have his or her Driver’s License (or if not available ID Card Number) entered on the blank line labeled “Agent’s Driver License Number Or ID Number.”

4 – The Vehicle The Designated Agent Has Principal Authority Over Must Be Identified

The next table will determine the Vehicle under the Principal Authority granted to the Agent named above.

Use the first row to enter the “Year” of the Vehicle and the Vehicle Identification Number (“VIN”) in the appropriately labeled areas.

The next row requires the “Make” of the Vehicle and (if applicable) the “License Plate Number” of the Vehicle.

5 – The Grantor Of Principal Authority To The Designated Agent Must Be Identified

The Grantor is the Vehicle Owner who has the right to appoint an Agent with Principal Power over the Vehicle named above. Use the table below the bold statement “Vehicle, Watercraft, or Mobile Home Owner Information” to document the Vehicle Owner’s information.

Enter the Principal Vehicle Owner’s Name in the box labeled “Owner’s Name”

The second row requires the “Owner’s Street Address” and “City” entered. This must be the Street Address and City associated with the Vehicle’s Official Records

The third row of this table shall provide defined areas for the Principal Vehicle Owner’s Residential “State” and “Zip Code” to be reported in the first two boxes. The last box in this row must have the Principal Vehicle Owner’s “Daytime Phone Number” recorded.

Finally, the last row of this table will need the Principal Vehicle “Owner’s Driver License Or ID Card Number” recorded in the first box and the Current Date recorded in the box labeled “Today’s Date.”

The Principal Vehicle Owner must sign his or her Name on the blank line at the bottom of the page (labeled “Owner’s Signature”).