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Michigan Power of Attorney for Minor Child Form

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Michigan Power of Attorney for Minor Child Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Michigan power of attorney for minor child form is a document that allows a parent or parents to temporarily designate a responsible person to care for and make decisions on behalf of their child(ren) for a period of up to six (6) months. If the parent is in the armed forces (military) they may assign this appointment up until thirty-one (31) days after their deployment.

How to Write

1 – The Guardian Appointment Form Below Must Be Opened

In order for the Parent or Guardian of a Minor to grant the Authority to assume the responsibility and Power of that Minor to another individual, a formal declaration will need to be made under Michigan Compiled Laws § 700.5103. Download the form providing the necessary language using one of the three buttons beneath the image.

2 – Identify The Current Guardian, Intended Guardian, and Minor

The empty spaces in the first paragraph shall require some information to apply the standard language required for the Parental appointment of Guardian Powers to an individual.

Locate the first blank space, labeled “Printed Name of Parent,” then supply the Full Name of the Parent or the Current Legal Guardian. Next, on the blank space labeled “City/Town, State/Province, Country”, present the City, County, or Town where the Parent or Current Guardian resides, the State (if Canada enter the Province) where the Parent or Guardian resides, and the Country where the Parent or Guardian resides. Now we shall turn our attention to the individual who will be granted Guardianship Power over the Minor. On the blank space labeled “Printed Name of Appointee,” record the Full Name of the individual who shall accept and assume Guardianship once this form is executed. The next empty line requires the “City/Town, State/Province, Country” where the intended Guardian lives recorded.

Now the Child or Minor the Parent is appointing Guardianship Powers over will need to be presented. Enter the Full Name of this Child or Minor on the blank space labeled “Printed Name Of Minor Child.”To fully identify the Child concerned here, enter his or her Birthday on the blank space labeled “Month/Day/Year.”

3 – The Current Guardian Must Sign This Form

The intent of the Parent to appoint the Guardian with Principal Parental Powers will need to be verified by the Parent’s signature.

Locate the two blank lines in the lower left-hand corner of this page. The Parent must sign the blank space “Signature of Parent,” then enter the Calendar Date he or she signed this form on the space labeled “Date Signed.”

The two blank spaces in the lower right-hand area of the page, each labeled “Witness,” have been provided so that two Witnesses to the Parent Signature may verify they have observed the action of signing. This verification will occur when each Witness signs one of the lines labeled “Witness.”This form must be Notarized by a Notary Public. The lower right corner of this page has been provided exactly for this purpose.