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Missouri Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 4054)

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Missouri Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 4054)

Updated June 02, 2022

A Missouri motor vehicle power of attorney (Form 4054) form can be used to appoint an attorney-in-fact to handle a vehicle’s title, registration, and transfer with the State of Missouri Motor Vehicle Bureau. This paperwork is often used when one needs help to handle the administrative matters associated with a vehicle but is unable to physically be present to do so.

How to Write

1 – The Vehicle Power Form Must be Opened Using The Buttons On This Page

This form can be gained using one of the buttons below the preview image. Information can be entered on this form using compatible software or you can print this document then manually fill in the information requested.

2 – Declare The Identity Of The Determined Agent

Locate the first blank line on this page, just after the words “I (we) Hereby Appoint,” then enter the Full Name of the individual the Vehicle Owner wishes to grant Power to. If the Vehicle’s Insurance Policy involves Total Loss, then report the Full Name of the Insurance Company in the first box below this statement. Adjacent to This enter the Official Date the Vehicle Owner experiences Total Loss of the Vehicle.

3 – Identify The Purpose Of This Document

The next area will have three checkboxes each labeled with a statement that may be applied to describe the purpose of granting Principal Authority over the Vehicle to the Agent named above. You must mark one of these boxes to apply this definition.

Mark the first box to simply transfer Ownership of the Vehicle  Mark the second box if this is to apply for the Title of the VehicleMark the third box if this form is to apply for the Registration of this Vehicle

4 – Record The Vehicle’s Information

Use the row of cells in the following area to enter the “Year,” “Make,” Vehicle “Identification Number” of the Vehicle the Principal is granting Power to the Agent over.

5 – The Vehicle Owner Must Sign This Form

The next table on this form will require the Vehicle Owner’s Signature. Each Vehicle Owner must sign this document for it to be executed properly. Enough room has been provided so that three Vehicle Owners may verify the intent to grant Principal Power to the Agent. Each Vehicle Owner Must Print his or her Name, Sign his or her Name, and enter the Date he or she signed this document. The next section, “Notary Information” will be filled out by the Notary Public. This Principal Signing of this form must be notarized. This section has been provided for this purpose. Only this party may satisfy the items here.