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Montana Revocation Power of Attorney Form

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Montana Revocation Power of Attorney Form

Updated January 09, 2023

A Montana revocation power of attorney form is a document used to terminate a power of attorney that was previously executed. It is crucial that after executing this revocation, you let your agent know that he or she is to no longer allowed to act on your behalf. In addition, you should contact any entity relying on your POA to make each one aware the revoked Agent no longer has authority. Provide all relevant parties with a copy of your revocation, preferably attached to a copy of your POA with the word “REVOKED” written across the copy.

How to Write

1 – The Revocation Paperwork Should Be Accessed Here On This Page

The main document a Principal will require to revoke Principal Powers previously issued can be opened directly with buttons below the preview picture on this page.

2 – Categorize The Type Of Power This Document’s Execution Will Revoke

It will be very important to clearly identify the document the Principal wishes to revoke using this form. To better serve this effort, we will categorize the Authority being revoked. That is what type of Powers does the Agent being terminated wield. If they are Health Care Powers then mark the check box labeled “Health Care Powers” at the top of this page If the Attorney-in-Fact whose Powers will be revoked through this form’s execution are Financial Powers then mark the second check box on this page (labeled “Financial Powers”).If the previously issued Authority cannot be clearly categorized as either Health Care or Financial, then define the type of Power that will be revoked here using the blank space after the word “Other” and mark the third check box at the top of this page.

3 – Supply The Requested Information In The Paragraph Statement

The paragraph statement making up the body of this form is comprised of the language a Principal must use to revoke a previously issued Authority. Some relevant facts must be applied to this paragraph using the blank spaces it contains. Begin by entering the Principal’s Legal Full Name on the first blank space (preceding the term “hereby immediately revoke”).Next, we will define the document defining the Powers the Principal is terminating through this form’s execution. You must enter the Full Title of the Authority being revoked on the blank line between the words “…Of The Document Titled” and “That I Previously Executed…”If we are to fully identify the Authority Document being revoked, you must record the exact Date of its Execution with the next three blank spaces. Enter the previous Authority’s Execution Date as a Two-Digit Day, the Name of the Month, and the Two-Digit Year on these blank spaces.The Authority that was previously delegated and is now being revoked will name specific Agents or Attorney-in-Facts that can wield its defined Principal Powers. Use the blank space after the words “…which appointed” to transcribe the Full Name of the Attorney-in-Fact/Agent whose Principal Authority is being revoked.Use the last blank space of this paragraph statement to record the Full Name any Alternate/Successor Attorney-in-Fact/Agent named in the previous Authority that must be revoked.

4 – The Principal Can Only Revoke Previous Powers By Signing This Document

The Date the Principal signs this form must be entered by the Principal at the time of signing. The Principal should record this Date in the Two-Digit Day, Month Name, and Two-Digit Year format on the empty spaces following “This Revocation Was Signed The”The two blank spaces below the Signature Date statement (labeled “Signature Of Principal” and “Print Name”) must be used to by the Principal to Sign and Print his or her Name. This act verifies the Principal intent to revoke the named document.The Notary Public who has observed the Principal signing this document must provide his or her credentials then stamp this form with the required Notarization Seal.