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North Carolina Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

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North Carolina Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A North Carolina guardian of minor power of attorney form can be used to convey decision-making power over a child’s welfare to another person. This type of appointment is commonly necessary the parents anticipate being away and generally unavailable to make decisions on behalf of their children. For instance, maybe the parents are planning a trip and anticipate being out-of-town while their children are home with relatives or friends. Once this document in place, it can help them effectively manage issues when they come up if you can’t be reached since it will act as proof that you, as the parent, has granted the agent the same authority you carry over the child’s welfare. Keep in mind, the level of authority the agent will carry will be determined by the principal (parent).

How to Write

1 – The Consent To Guardian Powers Document Is Available On This Page

Open the file using the buttons beneath the image. Make sure to have a compatible program, if you plan on entering information onscreen, otherwise use your browser to open the PDF file and print it.

2 – A Formal Declaration Of Custody Introduces This Paperwork

The introduction will have a few blank lines that call for some information to supplement its language. Locate the first blank line. This line should have the Full Name of the Custodial Parent recorded The next two blank line will seek to define the physical location of the Minor’s Custodial Parent. Use the blank space before the word “County” to enter the County where he or she lives. Then use the blank line after this word to enter the State where the Custodial Parent lives. Now, find the phrase “…Legal Custody Of,” then fill in the Minor’s Full Name on the blank space just after it. Continue the report on the Minor by furnishing his or her Name on the blank line following the word “Age.” The following two blank spaces should be used to document the Minor’s Date of Birth by entering the Month and Calendar Date after the word “Born” and the Two-Digit Year after “20.”

3 – The Custodial Parent Must Formally Name The Guardian

The next statement will act as the Custodial Parent’s tool to delegate Guardian Powers over the Minor in his or her Custody to another Party. First, document the intended Guardian’s Legal Name on the blank space after the words “I Authorize…” then record the intended Guardian’s Home Address on the space after the words “…Who Resides At.”

4 – An Option To Name An Termination Date Is Offered

The Custodial Parent may not wish to deliver Guardian Powers indefinitely. Locate the bracketed statement after the word “Optional.” Use the two blank spaces in this statement to enter the Month and Calendar Day of Termination on the first blank line and the Year of Termination on the second blank line.

5 – The Custodial Parent Will Personally Execute This Consent Before A Notary

It is mandatory the Custodial Parent signs his or her Name after all the information required in the language above has been supplied. This will be the only way the Guardian will gain the Authority defined in this paperwork. The Custodial Parent must sign his or her Name on the blank line above the words “Custodial Parent.” Following his or her signature, the Custodial Parent must document the Date he or she signed this appointment. This will be the Effective Date and should be recorded on the blank line adjacent to the Custodial Parent’s Signature. The Notary Public serving this appointment’s Execution will have a defined area where the notarization items may be furnished. Only this entity can satisfy the requirements below the Custodial Parent’s Signature.