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North Carolina Limited Power of Attorney Form

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North Carolina Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A North Carolina limited power of attorney form is a document that gives a person the right to represent another person’s interests in specific transactions or for a predetermined amount of time. This document is not meant to be a long-term delegation of power in a wide scope of areas, rather it has been developed with the intent to enable an agent with power while constraining his or her ability to conduct principal affairs. Thus, the directives set forth here must be as clear as possible since there should be no ambiguity as to what the agent is allowed and not allowed to do in the principal’s name. Once this task is completed, this paperwork may be executed with the principal act of signing.

How to Write

1 – Access The Paperwork On This Page

To delegate Limited Power to an Agent, select one of the buttons below the image then download the necessary paperwork to fill it out.

2 – Introduce The Two Parties Involved

The Principal issuing his or her Authority through this delegation must be clearly presented. Use the blank line preceding the parentheses “(Full Name)” to document the Principal’s Full Name. Additionally, his or her Legal Address should be supplied in the space between the word “Of” and “The Undersigned…” Now, on the line presented after the phrase “…Specific Power Of Attorney To,” document the Attorney-in-Fact’s Legal Name. This is the individual who will take instruction from the Principal and use Principal Authority in the matters defined in this document. The report continues an empty line possessing two labels: “Address” and “Phone.” Use this blank line to record the Attorney-in-Fact’s Legal Address and his or her Current Phone Number.

3 – Document The Limited Powers Delegated To The Attorney-in-Fact

A few numbered lines have been furnished in this template, so the Principal’s Directives may be adequately reported. This should be a very accurate description of precisely what decisions and actions the Attorney-in-Fact may engage in on behalf of the Principal with Principal Powers. If more room is necessary, you may attach a continuation of this delegation of Principal Authority.

4 – Supply The Required Notarized Principal Execution

The Principal who issues this document must supply the Two-Digit Calendar day, Month, and Year When he or she signs this paperwork using the three blank spaces after the words “Signed This…”Immediately, after presenting the Current Date, the Principal must sign the line labeled “Signature.”The Notary Public will use the remaining area to notarize the Principal Signing