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Nebraska Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Nebraska Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Nebraska limited power of attorney form allows you (the principal) to appoint another party to represent your interests, sign documents on your behalf, and take your place in a specific transaction(s) for a predetermined period of time. As always, make sure you trust the person you are appointing. This type of POA may be useful if you are going to be absent from a real estate closing.

How to Write

1 – The Paperwork To Deliver Specific Powers Should Be Accessed Here

The paperwork you need to issue specific or limited Principal Powers to an Attorney-in-Fact is supplied by this page. Click on one of the buttons below the picture to access the file type you require.

2 – This Document Will Need Information Regarding The Principal And Attorney-in-Fact

A basic statement of Declaration will introduce this document. If it is to apply to the current purpose, then some items will need to be supplied. First, you must enter the Full Name of the Principal on the first blank space. Then, on the next immediate blank space, enter the Principal’s Social Security Number.

It will also be necessary to document the Attorney-in-Fact’s information as well. Use the blank space after the words “…Limited And Specific Power Of Attorney To,” to record the Attorney-in-Fact’s Legal Name.

On the next blank line, enter the Attorney-in-Fact’s complete Address (just above the word label “Address”) then, document the Attorney-in-Fact’s Phone Number just above the word “Phone.”3 – A Definition To The Determined Powers Of Appointment Must Be Supplied

The next area will contain three blank lines, numbered 1 through 3. These have been furnished so that you may provide a complete report on the Principal Powers being issued to the Attorney-in-Fact. If there is not enough room, you will need to continue detailing the Powers being appointed on an attachment. Make sure any such attachment is present at the time of Principal signing.

4 – Finalize This Document’s Execution With The Principal’s Signature

The last statement in this form requires the Principal’s attention. He or she must enter the Date when this document is being signed, then sign this document on the line labeled “Signature.”