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Nebraska Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Nebraska Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 02, 2022

A Nebraska motor vehicle power of attorney form is a document that allows you to designate someone to make decisions related to titling and registration of a new vehicle or boat on your behalf. It can also be used to transfer ownership in a motor vehicle or boat.

How to Write

1 – Select The Appropriate Nebraska DMV Form To Appoint A Representative

The paperwork required to delegate Principal Powers to an Attorney-in-Fact over a Principal’s Vehicle can be found using the buttons under the preview picture of the Nebraska Form. Click on any of these buttons to obtain a copy in the file format you prefer.

2 – Declare The Identity Of The Principal Representative

The initial statement requires the Full Name of the Principal Vehicle Owner issuing this Authority. If there is more than one Principal Vehicle Owner, report the Name of each one on the blank space after the words “I Hereby Appoint.”

3 – Provide A Vehicle Report

You may identify the vehicle in question with three simple items. Use the blank lines labeled “Year,” “Make,” and “VIN/HIN” to record the Vehicle’s Year, Make, and Vehicle Identification Number or Hull Identification Number.

4 – Each Vehicle Owner Must Provide A Notarized Signature

The bottom of this page will contain two columns. At least one Principal Vehicle Owner is required to Print his or her Name, Sign his or her Name, and enter the Date of Signature. Below each Signature Area will be an area where the Notary Public obtained may notarize the Signing of this form.