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New Hampshire Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

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New Hampshire Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A New Hampshire guardian of minor power of attorney form allows you to appoint an agent to make decisions about and/or take action over your children’s affairs on your behalf. This can be quite a useful precaution since there are times when a child’s parent(s) anticipate being unavailable for a time, either for military deployment, long-term hospitalization, or vacation during which another adult must take over the position of safeguarding a child’s welfare.

During such times, a caretaker must be able to interact with your child’s school and doctor with authority. Once this document is executed, the caretaker will be able to behave in such a matter in the interest of the minor involved.

How to Write

1 – The Guardian Appointment Can Be Made Through The Paperwork Obtained Here

The document on this page, available through the button below the preview image, will enable Parents and/or Current Guardians to appoint an Attorney-in-Fact with Guardian Powers of over a Child or Minor in their charge. Simply select the button below the image, open the form then enter information on screen or print it then supply the information requested. It is generally recommended to download and save a copy of this paperwork for future reference.

2 – Each Current Guardian Must Formally Declare The Intention To Appoint Power

The first two sections of this document will be composed of declaration statements made by the Parent or Current Guardian of the concerned minor. Here we will need to disclose each party’s Identity. To begin, document the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name of the Minor in question on the first blank line in section I. Then, solidify this child’s identity by recording his or her Calendar Birth Day, Calendar Birth Month, and Calendar Birth Year on the three blank lines that follow.

The next line will continue this required language but will also request that information be supplied where necessary. On the blank line between the word “I” and the two check boxes, enter the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name of the Parent or Current Guardian granting Principal Power over the Minor above.

The two check boxes that appear in this statement, “Parent” and “Court Appointed Guardian,” will need some attention. If the individual granting Power over the concerned Minor is the child’s Parent, then mark the first check box. If the individual granting Power over the concerned Minor is the child’s Court Appointed Guardian, then mark the second check box.

Now that we have successfully delivered the Identity and Role of the Parent or Current Guardian, we will need to also document his or her location. The next segment of this statement will provide a blank line to report the Parent or Guardian’s Building Number/Street/Unit Number after the words “…A Street Address Of” Following this will be two more blank spaces where we can document the Parent or Guardian City and State. Note: This must be the Parent or Guardian’s Residential Address as it appears on the books.

There will be a second paragraph where another Parent or Guardian may have his or her information included. If the child has two Parent/Guardians then each one will need to participate in this document’s execution and thus both these paragraphs need to be tended to. If not, and only one Parent/Guardian is involved then only the first paragraph will need to be satisfied.

The next paragraph, after the Roman Numeral “II” in the margin, will be the formal declaration of Power Appointment. Here, we will provide the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name of the Attorney-in-Fact who will assume Guardian Powers over the Minor named in this document. Enter this individual’s Name on the blank space following the word “Appoint” and before the phrase “As The Attorney-in-Fact.”

The second blank space in this statement requires a definition to the Role the New Guardian plays in this minor’s life (i.e. Uncle, Aunt, Cousin) be documented.

Utilize the next three blank spaces to record the Building Number/Street Name/Unit Number, City, and State where the Attorney-in-Fact maintains his or her Residential Address.

3 – The Type And Extent Of Guardian Powers Being Delivered Must Be Presented

Now that we have identified the Minor, Parent/Guardian, and Attorney-in-Fact/Guardian we will need to define what Powers are being granted to the Attorney-in-Fact/Guardian. This should be focused on in Section III. If the Parent/Guardian is delivering all of his or her Principal Authority over the Minor to the Attorney-in-Fact/Guardian then he or she should initial Choice A in this section and mark the corresponding check box. If the Parent/Guardian is delivering only some of his or her Principal Power to the Attorney-in-Fact/Guardian, then he or she should initial Choice B, mark the corresponding check box, and define the Powers being delegated to the Attorney-in-Fact/Guardian on the blank lines provided.

4 – The Commencement And Termination Of These Powers Must Be Defined

Section IV will seek a document on exactly when the Attorney-in-Fact/Guardian will be able (and expected) to use the Principal Guardian Powers with the concerned Minor and when these Powers will become inaccessible. First, enter the Date this Appointment goes into Effect after the phrase “…Shall Commence On The” Note: This can be the Signature Date if the Parent/Guardian wishes this document to go into Effect upon its execution.

Next, three choices will be provided. Each is a possible way for the Powers delivered to the Attorney-in-Fact/Guardian to Terminate. The Parent/Guardian may only initial and check mark one of these choices. Choice A will allow the Parent/Guardian to name a Termination Date. If this is desired, the Parent/Guardian will need to fill in this Date on the blank spaces provided in Choice A. If the Parent/Guardian wishes the Powers in this document to terminate upon his or her Disability then he or she should Initial and mark Choice B. Finally, if the Parent/Guardian wishes the Powers in this document to cease only upon his or her Death, then he or she should initial and mark Choice C.

5 – Each Principal/Guardian Must Sign This Document Before Witnesses And A Notary Public

Look for Section V. Each Parent/Guardian must sign the blank line labeled “Parent/Court Appointed Guardian Signature.

Each Signature Party must also Print his or her Name on the blank space after the words “Print Name” and document the Current Date on the adjacent blank space.

The Attorney-in-Fact/Guardian will also need to provide a Signature to verify his or her acknowledgment and acceptance of this Authority and responsibility. He or she will need to read the “Acceptance By Attorney-in-Fact” statement, sign his or her Name on the blank line labeled “Attorney-in-Fact’s Signature,” Print his or her Name on the next blank space (below the Signature), then enter the Date of Signature on the last blank line in this section.

An “Affirmation By Witness 1” and “…Witness 2” has been included. Each Witness will need to sign one of these areas. Present the Name of the Signature Witness on the blank line in the statement. The Witness must then sign and print his or her Name then enter the Date of Signature. The Notary Public present at the time of Signing will complete the remainder of this form with the Notarization process provided each Signature Party present has followed his or her directions.