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New York Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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New York Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated January 12, 2023

A New York motor vehicle power of attorney form is a document that gives a person the power to deal with issues related to another person’s vehicle, including titling and registration in New York. Only the vehicle owner can approve such principal power. This is considered a limited power of attorney that is only applicable in certain situations related to motor vehicle matters that come up in front of the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. Thus, you should be prepared to report on the vehicle the agent will have principal power over as well as both the parties involved. Make sure to enter the information requested on this form precisely as it has been previously registered with the NY DMV.

How to Write

1 – Access The New York DMV Form Required

The New York Department Of Motor Vehicles will need certain paperwork to be presented if an Agent is given the Principal Power to affect a Motor Vehicle. You may download this document using any of the buttons presented near the image.

2 – The Principal And Agent Must Be Formally Identified

The statement of declaration at the start of this document will need two items to be successfully completed. Fill in the Full Name of the Vehicle Owner on the first blank space. If this is a Business Entity then, enter the Legal Name of the Company. 

The space in this paragraph will accept the Full Name of the individual who will assume Principal Power over the Vehicle at the focus of this paperwork.

3 – Verifying The Principal And Principal Consent

The Principal will need to prove his or her intent (and Identity) by signing the blank line adjacent to the bold words “Signed By”

The Principal will need to present a self-classification below his or her signature. If he or she is an individual, the Principal will need to enter his or her Birthday using the three blank spaces after the words “Date Of Birth.” Once this task has been completed, the Principal should enter his or her Social Security Number on the blank lines after the words “…Social Security Number.” Notice the format of these items has been furnished. The Date of Birth should be presented in a dd/mm/yyyy format and the Social Security Number should be entered in the common XX-XXX-XXXX format.

If the Principal is a Company or similar Business Entity, the Principal Signature Party should fill in the Company’s FEIN on the blank space just after the wording “Federal ID Number.”

Once the Principal has satisfied this final task, he or she must turn the document over to the attending Notary Public.

4 – Solidify The Vehicle Through Inspection

The Principal will need to arrange for the Vehicle he or she is assigning the Agent with Principal Authority over to have an inspection so that it can be documented and verified by a Certified Technician. This should be done before the Principal Signing if possible as a Notary Public will likely not notarize this document otherwise. The second page has been provided for this purpose. The Certified Technician will report the Station Address, Vehicle (Year, Make, Model, Style, VIN #, and Odometer), report the Owner’s Name and Address, then Sign and Print his or her Name. Below this, the inspecting Technician will choose any malfunctions the Vehicle possesses from the list at the bottom of page 2. Make sure these items have been supplied before the Principal signs this document and has it Notarized.