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New York Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

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New York Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Updated January 18, 2024

A New York real estate power of attorney form serves as proof of a principal property owner’s intent on granting their authority over a parcel of land to an agent. This paperwork can also serve to delegate an agent with the power required to purchase real property on behalf of the principal. It will be up to the principal to execute this document by signature precisely what decisions and actions the agent can wield principal authority over.

Some other directives will also need to be set here, such as when such representation will be appropriate. In turn, the attorney-in-fact must treat the property and/or any transactions as if the principal were present and in accordance with the principal’s instructions.

The document, once completed, must be notarized and witnessed in order for it to be effective. It should also be dispensed to the Agent and any other interested parties accordingly. An ongoing file of who has been given a copy of this document is recommended to be maintained.