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Ohio Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Ohio Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

An Ohio limited power of attorney form is a document that can be used to appoint an agent to represent your interests in specific or limited circumstances. For instance, you may anticipate being away at the time a closing is scheduled. Rather than changing the date of the closing, this form allows you to have someone stand in your place. As always, it is important that you choose someone reliable to be your agent.

How to Write

1 – Select One Of The File Types On This Page To Download This Form

The paperwork on this page will supply the wording a Principal requires to grant Limited Powers of Attorney to an Agent. Obtain this paperwork using one of the buttons underneath the image preview then supply the information defining this situation

2 – Deliver The Full Name Of Both The Principal And Attorney-in-Fact

Find the first blank line labeled “Full Name” after the words “Be It Acknowledged…” then, use it to document the Legal Name of the individual delegating a limited amount of his or her Authority to the intended Agent. This granting party will be referred to as the Principal. Fill in the Principal’s Full Residential Address on the second blank line of this statementNext, we will need to identify the Principal’s Agent. This party will accept and use the Principal Authority being delegated to him or her as instructed by the Principal. Record the Full Name of the Principal’s Agent on the blank line available after the words “…Specific Power Of Attorney”Naturally, as a result of the nature of this document, the location and contact information of the Principal’s Agent will need to be properly documented. Supply his or her Complete Address and up-to-date Telephone Number on the blank line labeled “Address” and “Phone”

3 – State The Principal Powers That Will Be Designated To The Attorney-in-Fact

The Principal must define the Limited Power he or she intends to delegate to his or her Agent. Each decision and action the Agent can take wielding Principal Authority must be recorded using the numbered lines at the center of this page. If more room is required, you may continue the record of the Agent’s Principal Powers on an attachment.

4 – The Principal Will Formally Deliver The Powers Defined Here Through The Principal Act of Signing

While every party directly involved with this document should read it, in its entirety, only the Principal can execute it. The first step in this process will be a Principal Report on his or her Signature Date. Use the available spaces in the statement just above the Signature line to fill in the Signature Date as a Two-Digit Day of the Month, the Full Name of the Month, and the Two-Digit Year. The Principal’s Signature Line is located immediately after the Signature Date statement. The Principal must sign this line to successfully appoint the Limited Powers defined here to the AgentThis signing must be notarized using the space provided under the Principal’s Signature.